Unknown Soldiers

Soldiers will be listed here that will show their names, background, headstone and any information about them.  For instance, a soldiers name and he served as a surgeon for the CSA.  Not sure where to put him in any state or section, so he will be added here.  You will see what I mean as soldiers are added.

Charles Neuman Cross--Stewart's Flying Artillery Edward McDonald--Staff of General Price
A. J. Stewart--27th Louisiana--Surgeon D. F. Murbet--Hospital Stewart
Jacob Hill--Assistant Surgeon M. R. Benidict--Surgeon
Sarah Dupriest--Nurse Thomas Dawney--Nurse
Dr. Edmund Lewis Massie--Trans Mississippi Department, Medical Staff Joseph H. Gwinn--Soldier, unknown unit.
Major Robert Archer--QM Department Wesley Collins--Rosaile Guards--Red River County Militia

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