Appeal Light Artillery

The Appeal Artillery Battery was organized at Memphis, Tennessee in April of 1862 under the command of Captain W.C. Bryan. The battery was initially assigned to the support of Rust's (later Dockery's and Cabell's) Brigade in Maury's Division of the Army of the West, camped at that time around Corinth, Mississipi. The battery supported Cabell's Brigade throughout the Corinth Campaign in the summer of 1862, and fought at the battle of Corinth on October 3-4, 1862. In November, the battery was reassigned to support Hebert's Brigade in Forney's Division in Mississppi, where it served during the Vicksburg Campaign in the early summer of 1863, and was assigned to the Vicksburg defenses during the 47-day siege of that city in May-July, 1863. Surrendered with the Vicksburg garrison on July 4, 1863. The battery was declared to be exchanged as of December 20, 1863. The battery's survivors reformed the battery in the Trans-Mississippi region in the late summer of 1864, at which time it was re-equipped with two 12-pounder howitzers and two 6-pounder smoothbores. The battery was renamed as the 5th Arkansas Field Battery on November 19, 1864. Surrendered with General Kirby Smith's army on May 26, 1865.

Officers:Cpt. W.C. Bryan; Lt. (later Cpt.) William N. Hogg; Lt. (later Cpt.) Christopher C. Scott; 2nd Lt. Robert S. Walker. Under Captain Hogg's command: Lt. C.C. Scott; 2LT R.S. Walker; 2nd Lt. R.N. Cotton. Under Captain Scott's command: Lt. R.N. Cotton; Lt. E.W. Lightfoot.

Also Known As: 5th Arkansas Artillery Battery

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