Etter's Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery

Etter's Battery was organized at Little Rock, Arkansas, in the summer of 1862. It was assigned to W. R. Bradfute's, R. G. Shaver's, and Fagan's Brigade, and later W. D. Blocher's Battalion of Artillery, Trans-Mississippi Department. The unit took an active part in the conflicts at Helena, Bayou Fourche, Sabine Cross Roads, and Pleasant Hill. At the end of the war it was serving the guns at Grand Ecore and Alexandria, Louisiana. Its commander was Captain Chambers B. Etter.


First Name Last Name Rank_In Rank_Out
Joseph Alen
James Anthony Private Private
John C. Arnett First Lieutenant Lieutenant
Daniel T. Askew Private Private
David T. Askew Private Private
Jonathan E. Barton Private Private
Joseph F. Barton Private Private
S.M. Barton
Joseph Benningfield
John S. Brantly Private Private
John S. Brantly Private Private
William C. Bryant Junior Second Lieutenant Junior Second Lieutenant
Wm. Caldwell
J.M. Castleman
G.W. Clendenin
J.G. Crawford
J.P. Cummings
John E. Davis Private Private
Edmund T. Deloney Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
Edward T. Deloney Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
James G. Dyer Private Private
G.W. Epperson
Chambers B. Etter Captain Captain
G.W. Evans
Joseph B. Ferrill Private Private
Henry Frantroup Private Private
R.A. Fulton
John C. Griffin Private
James Harris
L.D. Harris
F.J. Hintn
Thomas Hogland Private Private
William Hogland Private Private
Wm. R. Holdbrooks
William R. Jacobs Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
J.V. Johnson Assistant Surgeon Assistant Surgeon
George W. Jones Private Private
Wm.M. Jones
T.J. Laffelton Private
Reuben R. Leonard Private Private
H.E. Lester
James Lowery
W.H. Lusk
Robert McCain Private Private
W.P. McElroy Private Private
J.T. McIntyre Private
R.S. McJunkins
W.D. McLeod
James B. McMahan
William S. Morris Private Private
William J. Neighbor
J.M. Phillips
E. J. Powel
R. N. Prince
John W. Puckett
B. H. Ragsdale
J. W. Reeder
J.S. Roach
R.A. Roach
B.W. Rodgers
Alexander Rosenbaum Private Private
H.W. Sanders
John Slughter Private
Alexander Smith Private Private
Stephen Smith Private
G.W. Stephens
Thomas J. Stephens
James W. Stephenson Corporal Corporal
Dan'l N. Timon Private
David Tinnon
Beniah Titcomb Sergeant Sergeant
Francis M. Webb Private Private
John Webb Private Private
William Westerfield
W.W. Williams
Henry Willis Private Private

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