Gaines'-McNally's Battery

Gaines'-McNally's Battery was organized during the summer of 1861 and in January 1862, had 70 officers and men present for duty. The unit moved east of the Mississippi river and saw action at Corinth and Hatchie Bridge. In these conflicts it lost 1 killed, 6 wounded, and 5 missing. Later it served in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, and on July 4, 1863, was part of the garrison surrendered at Vicksburg. After being exchanged and reorganized, the company was attached to W. D. Blocher's Battalion of Artillery, Trans-Mississippi Department, and often called the 1st Field Battery. It saw light action in Arkansas and ended the war stationed at Shreveport Arsenal, Louisiana. Captains James J. Gaines and Francis McNally were in command.

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