1st/6th Arkansas Cavalry Regiment
(Fagan's - Monroe's)


Field & Staff

Organized at Camp Shavers, near Pine Bluff as Johnson's Cavalry Battalion on or about August 10, 1862 by consolidating twelve independent cavalry companies under the command of Major A.N. Johnson, pending the arrival of Colonel Fagan, the appointed commander. Company commanders were Captains Wheat, Raulston, Porter, Young, Davis (from Jefferson county), O'Neill, George A. Davis, Reefis, Todd, Brown, and Hanson. These companies were originally ordered to Pine Bluff in order to form a regiment to be commanded by Colonel Francis M. Chrisman, but these orders were rescinded by General Hindman, and the regiment was formed under Major Johnson, and later by Colonel Fagan upon his arrival at Camp Shavers. The first commander was Colonel James F. Fagan, field officers were Lt. Col. (later Col.) James C. Monroe, Major A.H. Johnson, later Major M.D. Davis, Major (later Lt. Col.) James M. O'Neal, and Major (later Lt. Col.) A.V. Reiff. Initially assigned to General M.M. Parsons' brigade near Pine Bluff, then to Caroll's Brigade, Marmaduke's Cavalry Division of Hindman's 1st Corps of the Trans-Mississippi in November, 1862. Fought at Battles of Cane Hill on November 28, and at Prairie Grove on December 7, 1862. Accompanied and fought with Marmaduke's expedition into Missouri during December 31, 1862 - January 25, 1863. Reassigned to Cabell's Brigade in April 1863, where it fought at the battle of Fayetteville on April 18th. Fought at Devil's Backbone on September 1, 1863, and at Pine Bluff on October 25, 1863. Participated in the Confederate counterattacks against federal General Frederick Steele's Camden Expedition in March-May, 1864, fighting at the battles of Poison Springs and Marks' Mill. 13th Arkansas Cavalry Battalion was temporarily attached to Monroe's 1st Regiment during 1864. Participated in Price's Missouri Raid during September and October of 1864, thereafter served in southwestern Arkansas for the remainder of the War. Surrendered with General Kirby Smith on May 26, 1865.

1st (Fagan's-Monroe's) Cavalry Regiment [also called 6th and 1st Arkansas Trans-Mississippi Cavalry], organized by Colonel J. F. Fagan in May, 1861, contained men from Izard and Carroll counties. Attached to General Cabell's Brigade, it participated in the conflicts at Cane Hill, Prairie Grove, Fayetteville, and Marks' Mills where 13 were killed and 23 wounded. The regiment later skirmished in Arkansas and disbanded in May, 1865. Its commanders were Colonels James F. Fagan and J.C. Monroe, Lieutenant-Colonel A. V. Reiff, and Majors M. D. Davis and James M. O'Neil.

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