13th Battalion Cavalry

Organized with from four to six companies in the spring of 1863 under the command of Major James L. Witherspoon. Assigned to Cabell's Cavalry Brigade in July, 1863 where it served in and along the border of the Indian Territory from July to November, participating in the battle of Devil's Backbone on September 1, 1863. Brigade was assigned to Marmaduke's Cavalry Division in southwest Arkansas in November, 1863 until January 1864, when it was temporarily attached to the 1st (Monroe's) Arkansas Cavalry Regimentwith Major James L. Witherspoon attached from the 1st Regiment as liaison. Participated with Monroe's Regiment in the Camden Expedition and Price's raid to the Missouri River in September and October of 1864. Returned after the raid to southwestern Arkansas/northeastern Texas, where it served out the rest of the War. Surrendered with General Kirby Smith in May, 1865.

Also Known As: 16th Arkansas Cavalry Battalion.


First Name Last Name Company Rank_In Rank_Out
S. Gage A Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Alexander Hagler A Private Private
George W. Hutchisson A Private Private
W.J. Pevehouse C Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
W. C. Price F Private Private
Joseph Raiks D Private Private
William Wells A Private Private
Henry Williams E Private Private

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