1st Arkansas Cavalry Battalion




Organized with 5 companies in July, 1861 under the command of Major William H. Brooks, and assigned to McIntosh's Brigade in McCulloch's Division in northwest Arkansas. Fought at the Leetown battlefield at Pea Ridge on March 7-8, 1862. Following the Confederate retreat from Pea Ridge, the battalion was dismounted and reorganized under the command of Lt. Col. Ras Stirman to serve as infantry in April, 1862. Marched with the Army of the West to Corinth, Mississippi later that month where it served in General Dabney Maury's division during the Corinth campaign. Companies B, C, and D of Williamson's Infantry Battalion were assigned to the battalion on May 25, 1862, and redesignated as Companies H, G, and F respectively in the new organization. The battalion was further consolidated with Bridge's Sharpshooter Battalion on August 1, 1862, and the consolidated unit was redesignated as Stirman's Sharpshooter Regiment on August 1, 1862. Fought in the Battle of Corinth on October 3-4, 1862, and following the subsequent retreat from Corinth, fought a valiant rear guard action at Hatchie Bridge. Reassigned to Craven's (later Green's) brigade in the defenses of Vicksburg, where it fought with distinction throughout the battles of the Vicksburg campaign; at Port Gibson, Champion's Hill, and the Big Black River Bridge. Served in the Vicksburg defenses throughout the siege of that stongpoint, and was surrendered with the Vicksburg garrison on July 4, 1863. The survivors were paroled later that month, and sent back to Arkansas to regroup and reorganize. Conducted a scout of the state fromWaldron to Mount Ida to Caddo Gap and Dallas on December 2-, 1863. Served in Fagan's Cavalry Division during Price's Missouri Raid in September and October of 1864, and at battle of Ivey's Ford on January 17, 1865. Surrendered with Gen. Kirby Smith's army in May 26, 1865.

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