1st Arkansas Cavalry Regiment
(Carroll's - Thomson's)

Organized from the former members of the 1st Arkansas Cavalry Regiment (State Troops) near Fort Smith in October, 1862. Commanded by Colonel Charles A. Carroll, Lt. Col. J. A. Johnson, and Major (later Lt. Col. and Col.) Lee L. Thomson. Assigned to Cabell's Cavalry Brigade, serving in northern Arkansas. Fought at battles of Cane Hill (11/28/1862), Prairie Grove (12/7-8/1862), and Marmaduke's expedition into Missouri during December 31, 1862 to January 25, 1863. One company was detached to serve as escort and headquarters guard for Colonel Carroll upon his promotion to brigade command in March, 1863. The regiment fought at Fayetteville on April 18, 1863, and at Devil's Backbone on September 1, 1863. Regiment was reorganized and renamed as the 4th (Gordon's) Arkansas Cavalry Regiment on December 15, 1863.

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