1st Arkansas Cavalry Regiment (State Troops)

Organized in June, 1861, and assigned to Pearce's Brigade, Arkansas State Troops near Fayetteville in August of that year. Fought at the battle of Oak Hills (Wilson's Creek) on August 10, 1861 and returned to northwest Arkansas later that month. In a spat of political squabbling, Pearce disbanded all his units of State Troops on September 19 rather than enlist them for Confederate service. Most members of the 1st Arkansas Cavalry re-enlisted for Confederate service in the 1st Arkansas (Carroll's - Thomson's) Cavalry Regiment early in 1862.

Officers: Col. DeRosey Carroll


First Name Last Name Company Rank_In Rank_Out
John Allstott G Private Private
James Almonds D
L. Armstrong Captain
John Benge B Private Private
Albert Berry Lieutenant Colonel
Henry Brinkmire C Private Private
S.H. Calhoun Second Lieutenant
Chas. A. Carroll Captain
De Rosey Carroll Colonel
Jessee Carroll F Second Corporal Second Corporal
Jno. H. Carroll Surgeon
James A. Chitwood H Private Private
Wesley Clay B Private Private
John Copeland F Private Private
James Corey F Private Private
John J. Cravens D
C.A. Crawford H Private Private
Thomas Crawford G Private Private
George W. Culver E
Jno. A. Davidson First Lieutenant
William Donaldson G Private Private
Peyton F. Downing I Fourth Corporal Fourth Corporal
Marion Dunlap C Private Private
R.N. Frost E
B.F. Gardner B Private Private
W.L. Hair I Private Private
John Harkreader C Private Private
John B. Hearn B Private Private
S.N. Hollis Second Lieutenant
S.B. Honea G First Sergeant First Sergeant
Henry Howdyshell F Private Private
P.H. Hoyle Third Lieutenant
William Jacobs C Private Private
R.C. James B Third Sergeant Third Sergeant
S.A. Jefferson F Private Private
Jas. Johnston First Lieutenant
T.J. Kelly Captain
Thos. Lewis Captain
J. McCurdy D
Isaac Patterson H First Corporal First Corporal
J.L. Payne C Private Private
Benj. Pendergrass G Private Private
Jonathan Rodgers D
Earle Sawyer Third Lieutenant
John R. Smedley C Private Private
C.M. Smith B
John Smith G Private Private
U.J. Spivey D Private
B.F. Walker D Private Private
John J. Walker G Captain Captain
Henry A. Warren C Private Private
P.B. Wells D Private Private
William Williams C Private Private
William Young H Private Private

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