2nd Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry










Organized on May 15, 1862 at Corinth, Mississippi by consolidating the 2nd and Phifer's 6th Arkansas Cavalry Battalions under the command of Colonel William F. Slemons. Field officers were Lt. Cols. H.R. Withers and Thomas M. Cochran , and Majors Thomas J. Reid, Jr., and William J. Somervell. Thomas Garrison was adjutant, W. Leeper quartermaster, and Wat Strong served as commissary. Company commanders were Co. A, Cpt. A.H. Christian, Co. B, Cpt. Joseph Earle (later H.S. Hudspeth); Co. C, Cpt. Thomas Cochran; Co. D, Cpt. James Portis (later Cpt. Watt Green); Co. E, Cpt. J.S. Somerville, (later Cpt. William Cooper); Co. F, Cpt. O.B.. Tebbs; Co. G, Cpt. E.L. Murtree (later Cpt. C. Stell); Co. H, Cpt. Phil Echols (later Cpt. James Oliver), Co. I, Cpt. M.L. Hawkins.

2nd Cavalry Regiment was organized during the early spring of 1862 using Phifer's Arkansas Cavalry Battalion as its nucleus. Many of the men were from Drew and Dallas counties. The unit served in the Army of the West and the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, and took an active part in the conflicts at Iuka, Corinth, and Hatchie Bridge. Later it was assigned to W.A. Crawford's, J.C. Wright's, and W.F. Slemon's Brigade in the Trans-Mississippi Department. After fighting at Poison Spring, the regiment participated in Price's Missouri Expedition and was captured at Mine Creek on October 25, 1864. Its commanders were Colonel W.F. Slemons, Lieutenant Colonels Thomas M. Cockran and H. A. Withers, and Majors T.J. Reid and William J. Somervell.

Also Known As: Slemon's 4th Arkansas Cavalry Regiment

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