2nd Arkansas Cavalry Regiment

Organized with 12 companies on December 24, 1863 by renaming the 5th Arkansas Cavalry regiment and assigning the remnants of Dobbin's 1st Arkansas Cavalry to bring the companies up to authorized strength. Commanded by Colonel Thomas J. Morgan; field officers were Lt. Col. John W. Coarser, Major (later Lt. Col.) John P. Bull, and Major William N. Portis. Assigned to Cabell's Brigade in December, 1863, the regiment fought through most of the Camden Expedition, including the battles at Poison Springs and Marks' Mills in March and April of 1864, and served on Price's Missouri Raid in September and October of 1864, including the battle of Marais des Cygnes. Surrendered with General Kirby Smith on May 26, 1865.

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