Ford's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

Organized with an undetermined number of companies on August 27, 1864 under the command of Lt. Col. Barney Ford and Major E. O. Wolf. Assigned to Freeman's Brigade, Marmaduke's Division during Price's Missouri Raid in September and October of 1864. Apparently disbanded after the Raid in December, 1864.

The following roster is for Company C.  No other rosters have survived for this Battalion.

Aldridge, Clem—Private McCartney, W—Private.
Bandy, D—Private. McElrath, Thomas—Private
Barnes, George W—Private. McMann, James—Private.
Benson, J W—Private. Maler, M M—Private.
Betts, Barbee—Private. Maxey, J H—Private.
Blake, A J—Private. Maxey, T H—Private.
Boen, John—Private Murphy, B W—Private
Breckenridge, James—Private. Murphy, Marion F—Private
Breckenridge, Samuel—Second Lieutenant. Narramore, Alfred—Private.
Breckenridge, W E—Private. O’Shields, L J—Private.
Brown, Samuel—Private. Patrick, J B—Private.
Cariker, G M—Private Posey, Ambrose W—Private
Carver, John—Private. Richardson, J V—Captain
Cherry, Levi—Private Richardson, Thomas E—First Lieutenant
Chronister, J Adam—Private Rogers, B—Private.
Cole, James—Private Scott, R H—Private
Daniels, J S—Private. Sellers, C D—Private.
Davis, J H—Private. Spradlin, A A—Private
Fortenberry, Henry—Private. Spradlin, P A—Private.
Givens, J V—Private Teague, D G—Private
Grubbs, J S—Private. Teague, Jacob—Private
Horne, John—Private Teague, R J—Private.
Howard, William—Third Lieutenant. Thomas, R W—Private.
Jones, J J—Private. Williams, J E W—Private.
Jones, John—Private Williamson, R S—Private.
McCartney, C—Private. Woollard, C B—Private.

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