Gunter's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

Organized in the early spring of 1864 under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas M. Gunter and Major James Woosley. Assigned to Cabell's Brigade, Fagan's Cavalry Division , the battalion fought at Devils Backbone on September 1, 1863, throughou tthe Camden Expedition in March-May of 1864, including the battles of Poison Springs and Marks' Mills, and served during Price's Missouri Raid in September and October of 1864. Returned to southwestern Arkansas and northeast Texas after Price's Raid, and eventually surrendered with General Kirby Smith's forces on May 26, 1865.

First Name Last Name Company Rank_In Rank_Out
J.B. Acuff Second Lieutenant
W.W. Ashmore D Captain Captain
J.A. Bean First Lieutenant
M.G. Blaylock Second Lieutenant
W.M. Carroll F Captain Captain
S.A. Crawgon F First Lieutenant
John M. Dennington Private Private
T.M. Gunter Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel
D.W. Haines D Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Dan'l. Jean D Private
W.B. Johnson A Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Geo. Kincavin First Lieutenant
J.P. Lane G Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Jas. McDonald Second Lieutenant
D. Milam B Captain Captain
J. Mitchell E Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
H.M. Moore Chaplain Chaplain
Richard Rainsey F Private Private
R. Ramsey F Private Private
J.C. Scott F Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
B.T. Simms B First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
R.R. Smote A First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
Geo. S. Statham Captain
Francis M. Steele E Private Private
Benjamin L. Stewart C Captain Captain
W.L. Stokes Quartermaster Quartermaster
Peter Horny Teel Private Private
J. Thatcheack F Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
J.S. Whitmore Assistant Surgeon Assistant Surgeon
A.M. Woosley Second Lieutenant/Regimental Adjutant Acting Adjutant
George W. Woosley A Captain
James Woosley Major Major
John Woosley Adjutant Adjutant
F.T. Younger D Sergeant Sergeant
James T. Younger D Sergeant Sergeant
James T. Youngree D Sergeant Sergeant

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