Nave's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

Organized around April, 1865 near Jacksonport, Arkansas for service in northeast Arkansas. Served in the Army of the Northern sub-district of Arkansas under Brigadier General M. Jeff Thompson, and surrendered near Jacksonport with General Thompson on May 11, 1865.


First Name Last Name Company Rank_In Rank_Out
A.F. Baker C
James A. Baker C
John Baker C Captain Captain
H.A. Bass B
J.F. Bass B
A.E. Berry B
William Boyd B First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
William Boyd B First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
Benjamin Brents E Private Private
J.F. Campbell B Captain Captain
James M. Campbell B Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
John I. Campbell B Captain Captain
A. Carpenter B
J.T. Clements B
J.T. Cobbs C Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
J.B. Crowder B
J.W. Dulworth B
Allen C. East E Private Private
David R. East B
John V. East E Private Private
Joshua Fipps E Private Private
Levi Fipps E Private Private
Jehu Fleming F&S Captain/Assistant Surgeon Captain/Assistant Surgeon
John Fleming F&S First Lieutenant/Adjutant First Lieutenant/Adjutant
E.B. Friend B
William Gellehan E Private Private
A.J. Green B
G. F. Hagler C First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
John Hagler B
John Hares B
T.J. Hary B
M.C. Jadwin B
James H. Johnson E Private Private
John Jones B
Thomas R. King E Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
Smith Madlock B Private Private
W.S. Malken C Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
James Maran B Private Private
W.S. Matkin C Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
John McPrater C
G.C. Medley B
J.B. Medley B
V.C. Medley B
J.G. Medlock B
S.H. Medlock B Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Siles W. Medlock B Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Eli M. Moffitt E Sergeant Sergeant
William E. Moffitt E Private Private
R.H. Nave F&S Major Major
M.P. Pewett B
Henry Philips C
J.B. Philips B
W.M. Phillips F&S Captain/Acting Quartermaster Captain/Acting Quartermaster
William Phillips B
William B. Ratlif C
Lawson E.G. Richardson E Private Private
D.T. Rodgers B
Allen M. Smith E Private Private
David W. Smith E Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
William D. Starr E First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
S.W. Stringer B Corporal Corporal
Samuel W. Stringer B Corporal Corporal
F. T. Tolson B
James Turley C
J.H. White B
J.H. Whitmire B
George M. Wright B

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