Witherspoon's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

13th Cavalry Battalion was organized by J. L. Witherspoon during the early spring of 1863 with men from Crawford, Washington, and Sebastian counties. It served in the District of the Indian Territory, then was assigned to Cabell's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department. After skirmishing in Arkansas, the unit was active in Price's Missouri Expedition and later moved to Northeastern Texas. It was included in the surrender on June 2, 1865. Major J. L. Witherspoon was in command.


First Name Last Name Company Rank_In Rank_Out
James Agent Private Private
Paul Bayhill F Corporal Private
Charles Bevyhill F Corporal Private
Solon B. Bishop D Private Private
John H. Black B Private Private
P. Brawhill F Corporal Private
Paul Broyhill A Corporal Private
Dearrel Carpenter Private Private
Henry W. Carter C Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Dave Corder D Second Lieutenant
B.J. Couch Brevet Second Lieutenant Brevet Second Lieutenant
W.T. Crouch Private Private
James Edgin H Private Private
N. Ellington B Sergeant Sergeant
J.T. Fears F Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
William Forrester A Sergeant Sergeant
John Freeman B Private Private
G.B. Gates F Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
Thomas German A Private Private
W.A. Gilmer A Private Private
Ludlow D. Graves F Private Private
J.C. Gray C Private
W.C. Haddleton C Private Private
Milton Hays Private Private
W.C. Huddleton C Private Private
Obediah Jones D Private Private
Daniel L. Lims D Private Private
James M. McAdams D Sergeant Sergeant
M. McCown D Private
John A. McKean D Captain Captain
William Meredeth B Private Private
William Nally B Private Private
J.M. Norwood D,C Private Private
L.H. Norwood D First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
J.W. Parker F First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
Thomas C. Pepper D Private Private
E.T. Phipps F Captain Captain
H. C. Polk C First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
A. D. Preston C Captain Captain
S. W. Reese C Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
G.B. Richards Private
A.V. Ruff Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel
Wilson Shofner C Private Private
Wilson Shofton C Private Private
Daniel L. Sims D Private Private
J.J. Smith D Private
William J. Smith D Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
J.S. Stroope A Captain Captain
Jacob L. Stroope H Captain Captain
Richard Talent B Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
Richard Taleut B Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
Richard Tallant B Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
Richard Tallent B Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
Sylvanus Terrill D Private Private
Silas P. Vaught B First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
Andrew Warmack C Private Private
Thomas J. Welch A Private Private
Thomas J. Welsh F Private Private
Andrew J. Williamson D Private Private
W.H. Williamson D Private
William A. Williamson D Private Private
William H. Williamson D Private Private
J.K.P. Windford C Private Private
J.K.P. Winford C Private Private
J.L. Witherspoon Major Major
William R. Woodroff D Corporal Corporal
William R. Woodruff D Corporal Corporal
James B. Woosley B Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Andrew Wormack C Private Private
G.R. Yates F Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant

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