15th Northwest Arkansas
Infantry Regiment

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Field & Staff

Organized in central Mississippi by renaming McRae's 21st Arkansas Infantry Regiment in February, 1863. Assigned to Green's Brigade, of Bowen's Division, where it fought in the battles of the Vicksburg campaign that spring and summer. The regiment was engaged at the battles of Grand Gulf, Port Gibson, Champion Hill, and the Big Black River. Besieged with the garrison of Vicksburg from May 21 to July 4, 1863, and surrendered with that strongpoint on July 4, 1863. Paroled at Vicksburg late in July, 1863, and the unit disbanded with many of its survivors being incorporated along with those of the 14th, 16th, and 21st Arkansas into the 1st Infantry Regiment, Consolidated, in January, 1864.

Officers: Colonel James F. Hobbs. Field Officers: Lt. Col. (later Col.) Squire Boone, Major David A. Stuart, Lt. Col. (later Col.) William W. Reynolds.

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