16th Arkansas Infantry Regiment










The 16th Arkansas Infantry Regiment was organized at Rogers, Benton County, Arkansas on December 4, 1861. The companies (listed below) were mustered into Confederate service in October and November 1861. On 2 December 1861, the Regiment was encamped at Callahan's Store, Arkansas, and moved to Elm Springs, 8 December 1861. Before the Battle of Pea Ridge, the regiments' sick were sent off to Van Buren, Arkansas. During the maneuvering prior to Pea Ridge, 1 member of the 16th Arkansas was wounded. At Pea Ridge, the regiment lost 6 killed and mortally wounded, 5 wounded and 12 missing or captured. BG McCulloch was killed on the Leetown battlefield at Pea Ridge on March 7 while advancing with the 16th Arkansas. The regiment was reorganized at Corinth, Mississippi on 8 May 1862, with election of new field and line officers taking place in late June near Tupelo, Mississippi. The unit underwent field consolidation with the 14th, 17th, 18th and 23rd Arkansas Infantry Regiments and the 8th Arkansas Infantry Battalion in the winter of 1862-3. Field consolidation with the 15th (Gee's/Johnson's) Arkansas Infantry Regiment and the 8th Arkansas Infantry Battalion from 2 January 1863 until 2 May 1863. The regiment was surrendered by Major General Franklin Gardner at Port Hudson, Louisiana on 9 July 1863, and the men were paroled there later in the month, while the officers were conducted to New Orleans and Johnson's Island for imprisonment. A portion of the regiment were regrouped and consolidated into two companies prior to 30 September 1863. The two companies were consolidated with the 14th, 15th Northwest and the 21st Arkansas Infantry Regiments and designated as the 1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment Consolidated, Trans-Mississippi Department, in January 1864.

Many other survivors of the 16th Arkansas served in other regiments after their parole from Port Hudson, most notably in the 7th and 10th Arkansas Cavalry Regiments and the 27th, 35th and 36th Arkansas Infantry Regiments.

Company A: Captain: Lorenzo N. C. Swagerty. Men from Johnson County.
Company B: Captains: George Turner, J. W. Utley. Men from Johnson County.
Company C: Captains: John F. Hill, James W. Clark, John G. Connelly. Men from Johnson County. Armed with "minié rifles."
Company D: Captains: John H. Williams, E.G. Mitchell. Men from Carroll County
Company E: Captain: William S. Poyner. Men from Carroll County. Armed with Hall's Breech-loading rifles.
Company F: Captains: David Goodnight, William C. Stephens. Men from Stone County.
Company G: Captain: J. P. Carnahan. Men from Washington County.
Company H: Captains: William J. Kelley, John B. Cloud, Grandison Preston. Men from Pike County. (This company was initially part of the 4th Arkansas Infantry Regiment.)
Company I: Captain: Daniel Boone. Men from Madison County.
Company K: Captain: John W. Lawrence, Jasper Woodruff. Men from Searcy County.


John F. Hill Colonel
David Provence Colonel
William T. Neal Lieutenant Colonel
Benjamin T. Pixlee Lieutenant Colonel
Samuel Farmer Major
James M. Pittman Major
Lorenzo N. Swagerty: Major

Augustus M. Ward QM Captain
Francis Miller QM Captain
John S. Tutt Adjutant
John P. Mitchell Surgeon
Orlando Hobson Assistant Surgeon
S. N. Denham Assistant Surgeon


Pea Ridge, 7-8 Mar 1862, Corinth Campaign (Apr-Jun 1862); Farmington, 26 May 1862; Iuka 19 Sep 1862; Corinth, 3-4 October 1862; Port Hudson Siege (May-Jul 1863); 1st Port Hudson Assault, 27 May 1863; 2nd Port Hudson Assault, 14 Jun 1863;


:- On 22 March 1862, the regiment was brigaded with 4 Missouri units.
:- The regiment drew new uniforms on 22 July 1862.
:- On 31 July 1862, the regiment arrived at a new camp at Saltillo, Mississippi
:- From 6-10 September, 1862, the regiment camped at 20 Mile Creek, Mississippi.
:- The 16th Arkansas arrived at Iuka, Mississippi on 14 September 1862.
:- Regiment at Waterfront, Mississippi on 22 October 1862. Another source lists the unit in camp at Lawrence Mills, Mississippi from 13-26 October 1862.
:- Regiment at Camp Priceville, Tupelo, Mississippi in the autumn of 1862.

:- In the Corinth Campaign, from 6-25 May 1862, the regiment suffered 3 wounded and 3 missing or captured.
:- At the battle of Farmington, 26 May, 1862, the 16th Arkansas lost 6 killed and mortally wounded, 4 wounded and 3 missing or captured.
:- 2 men of the 16th Arkansas were wounded and 1 captured at Iuka, 19 September 1862.
:- Regimental casualties at the battle of Corinth, 3-4 October 1862, were 13 killed and mortally wounded, 31 wounded, and 12 missing or captured.
:- In the 27 May 1863 Port Hudson assault, the 16th Arkansas suffered 1 killed and 5 wounded.

Casualty returns for Port Hudson are incomplete after 1 June 1863. The known battle losses of the regiment prior to that date are incorporated below.

Combat losses:
6 officers and 23 men killed and mortally wounded; 6 officers and 41 men wounded; 5 officers and 39 men missing or captured, prior to Port Hudson. 32 officers and 215 surrendered at Port Hudson for a total of 247 survivors.

Non-Combat deaths

2 officers and 59 enlisted men died of disease.
1 officer and 5 enlisted men died as prisoners-of-war

Total unit mortality

9 officers and 87 enlisted men: 96

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