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The 1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment, (Confederate) was organized at Little Rock, Arkansas, in May, 1861 following the seizure of the Little Rock Arsenal by the state militia. Before the creation of the Arkansas Military Board, Thompson B. Flournoy had been authorized by President Jefferson Davis to organize an Arkansas regiment for the Confederate service. The first companies which arrived in Little Rock sought admission into this regiment, and were recognized by Col. Flournoy, a patriotic planter of Laconia, on the Mississippi River, and strong supporter of the Douglas/Johnson presidential ticket in the 1860 election. Flournoy had other politically-appointed officers associated with him in the commissioning of the regiment, and when it came time for the regiment to elect officers, both Flournoy and his associates were soundly defeated - the regiment electing Cpt. James F. Fagan of Saline County as colonel and regimental commander, Cpt. James C. Monroe of Clark County as Lt. Col., and John Baker Thompson as major. Professor Frank Bronaugh of the military department of St John's College, Little Rock, was chosen as adjutant. Col. Flournoy and his partners eventually acquiesced, and were assigned to other duties in other commands. Company organization: Co. A, the "El Dorado Sentinels" from Union county, Cpt. Asa Morgan; Co. B, the "Clark County Volunteers" from Clark county, Cpt. Charles Stark of Arkadelphia; Co. C, the "Camden Knights" from Ouachita county, Cpt. Crenshaw, of Camden; Co. D, "Clan McGregor" from Jefferson county, Cpt. Donelson McGregor, of Pine Bluff; Co. E, from Saline county, Cpt. William A. Crawford, of Benton; Co. F, the "Ettoman Guards" from Pulaski county, Cpt William F. Martin,of Little Rock; Co. G., the "Jackson Guards" from Jackson county, Cpt. A.C. Pickett, of Augusta; Co. H, the "Crockett Guards" from Arkansas county, Cpt. Robert H. Crockett of DeWitt; Co. I, the "Monticello Guards" from Drew county, Cpt. James Jackson of Monticello; Co. K, the "DeWitt Guards" from Arkansas county, Cpt. Quartermous, of DeWitt.

The regiment was immediately ordered to Richmond, Virginia, and attracted much attention while on the road, being known to have among its captains a grandson of the immortal Davy Crockett and Cpt. Donelson McGregor, who was raised near the Hermitage and was a grand-nephew of the beloved wife of "Old Hickory." The regiment was stationed first at Aquia Creek, near Fredericksburg, in the brigade of Gen. Theophilus H. Holmes, and was led by him into battle of 1st Manassas, in which it participated late in the day supporting Cpt. Lindsey Walker's battery of artillery. The 1st Arkansas was then stationed at Evansport, where the men of the regiment, under Cpt. Will H. Martin, made a daring but unsuccessful attempt to capture the federal gunboat Pocahontas on the Potomac. The "Fagan Rifles" were assigned as an unlettered company on October 12, 1861; this company was later transferred to become C Company, 2nd Arkansas Infantry Battalion. Served in Walker's Brigade, Dept. of Fredericksburg, from July 1861 until January 1862. Returned to Western Theater, Confederate Army of Mississippi in February, 1862 to reinforce the Confederate forces gathering at Corinth, MS, and assigned to Gibson's Brigade, Ruggles' Division, 2nd Corps, where it participated in the Battles of Shiloh on Apr 6-7, 1862, and Perryville, KY on October 8, 1862. In December, 1862, reassigned to Polk's Brigade, Cleburne's Division where it fought in the battles of Murfreesboro (Dec. 31, 1862-Jan 3, 1863), Tullahoma Campaign in June, 1863; Chickamauga (Sep 19-20, 1863); Siege of Chattanooga (Sep.-Nov. 1863); Battle of Chattanooga, the Atlanta Campaign, New Hope Church, Kennesaw Mountain, Atlanta, and the siege of Atlanta. Consolidated with the 15th Arkansas Infantry in the spring of 1864. Regiment and colors were captured at Jonesboro, Georgia on Sept. 1, 1864, and exchanged approximately 1 month later. Rejoined Cleburne's Division for Hood's Tennessee Campaign where it fought at Spring Hill, Franklin, and Nashville. Engaged in the Carolinas Campaign in early 1865, and at the last battle of the Army of Tennessee at Bentonville on March 19-21, 1865. Survivors were consolidated along with those of the 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th, 19th (Dawson's) and 24th Arkansas Infantry and the 3rd Confederate Regiment (formerly Marmaduke's 18th Arkansas Infantry) to form the 1st Infantry Regiment (Consolidated) at Smithfield, NC on April 9th, 1865. Surrendered two weeks later with LTG Joe Johnston's Army of Tennessee near Durham, North Carolina.

Officers: COL James F. Fagan. Field Officers: Maj. (later Col.) John W. Colquitt; Lt. Col. William A. Crawford; Maj. Atkinson Little; Maj. (later Lt. Col.) William H. Martin; Lt. Col. Donaldson McGregor; Lt. Col. James C. Monroe; Maj. (later Lt. Col.) John B. Thompson.

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