1st (Fagan's-Colquitt's)
Infantry Regiment

Willist (Fagan's-Colquitt's) Infantry Regiment formed during the early spring of 1861, contained men from Union, Clark, Ouachita, Jefferson, Saline, Pulaski, Jackson, Arkansas and Drew counties. Ordered to Virginia, the unit entered Confederate service at Lynchburt. It fought at First Manassas, moved to Tennessee, participated in the comflict at Shiloh, then took an active role in the Kentucky Campaign. Later it was assigned to General L. E. Polk's and Govan's Brigade and was prominent in many battles of the Army of Tennessee and Murfreesboro to Bentonville. This regiment reported 11 killed and 90 wounded at Murfreesboro, lost 45 percent of the 430 engaged at Chickamauga, and totaled 302 men and 217 arms in December, 1863. During July 1864, this unit was united with the 15th (Cleburne's-Polk's-Josey's) regiment and in the Battle of Atlanta lost 15 killed, 67 wounded and 3 missing. Very few surrendered on April 26, 1865. The field officers were Colonels John W. Colquitt and James F. Fagan; Lieutenant Colonels am A. Crawford, W. H. Martin, Donelson McGregor, James C. Monroe, and John B. Thompson; and Major Stinson Little.

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