20th Arkansas Infantry Regiment










The 20th Arkansas was initially organized as the 22nd Arkansas Infantry in February, 1862 under the command of Colonel Henry P. Johnson. The regiment was recruited from the following counties: Co. A, Old Washington; Co. B, Old Washington, Co. C, Hempstead county; Co. D, Little Rock; Co. E, Lafayette county; Co. F, Little Rock and Perryville; Co. G, Little Rock and Perryville; Co. H, Little Rock and DeValls Bluff; Co. I, Little Rock; and Co. K, Lafayette county.

As the 22nd, the regiment participated in the battles of Pea Ridge, Fort Pillow (April, 1862) and in the Corinth campaign in northern Mississippi. (April-June 1862). They were renamed as the 20th Arkansas on May 13, 1862 at Corinth.

The 20th fought at Corinth (Oct 3-4, 1862), and in the battles of the Vicksburg campaign in the spring and early summer of 1863 (Grand Gulf, Port Gibson, Champion Hill, the Big Black River, and finally in the siege of Vicksburg, where they were surrendered on July 4, 1863. The survivors of Vicksburg returned home to Arkansas after being paroled and exchanged late in 1863, and were converted to mounted troops around April, 1864. . They fought in the Camden campaign and at Mark's Mill in the spring of 1864, were consolidated with the 15th and Dawson's-Hardy's Consolidated Infantry Regiments on November 29, 1864, and renamed as the 3rd Infantry Regiment, Consolidated, Trans-Mississippi Department. The regiment ended out the war in southwestern Arkansas, surrendering with Gen. Kirby Smith on May 26, 1865.

Officers: Col. Henry P. Johnson; Field Officers: Lt. Col. (later Col.) James H. Fletcher; Maj. William S. Haven; Maj (later Col.) Daniel W. Jones; Lt. Col. W.R. Kelley; Maj. J.W. Long; Lt. Col. H.G. Robertson

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