23rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment










Organized near Corinth, Mississippi on April 25, 1862 by the consolidation of Adams' and Hughes' Infantry Battalions and Adair's Infantry Company. The individual companies and battalions were reorganized on May 27, 1862, but the regiment itself was not organized until September 10, 1862. Field officers were Colonel Charles W. Adams of Helena, Lt. Col. Simon P. Hughes of Clarendon, and Major J.S. Robinson of Chicot county. Company commanders were Co. A, Cpt. A.A. Adair of Craighead county; Co. B, Cpt. E. McAllister of Crittenden county; Co. C, Cpt. Henry Hillis of Craighead county; Co. D, Cpt. John Clendenin of Phillips county; Co. E, Cpt. W.W. Smith of Monroe county; Co. G, Cpt. Thomas Westmoreland of Poinsett county; Co. H, Cpt. J.H. Robinson of Chicot county; Co. I, Cpt. Seward of St. Francis county, and Co. K, Cpt. Brown Dolson, of Cross county. The regiment was reorganized after the batle of Shiloh, and the following field officers elected: Colonel Oliver P. Lyles of Crittenden county, Lt. Col. A.A. Pennington of Clark county, Major Erastus L. Black of Monroe county, Adjutant C.W. Lewis of Crittenden, Quartermaster McMurray, of Chicot, Commissary Norton, of Phillips county.

The 23rd Arkansas was heavily engaged in the battles of Iuka and Corinth. It was then united in a brigade withthe 15th, 16th, and 18th Arkansas and Colonel Batt. Jones' battalion and was sent to the defense of Port Hudson, LA under Colonel Lyles, going through the long siege of that strongpoint. The regiment was surrendered with the garrison of Port Hudson on July 9, 1863, and was paroled later that month and eventually exchanged. After exchange, the survivors returned to Arkansas where they were reorganized as mounted troops in Fagan's Cavalry Division in August, 1864. The regiment participated in Price's Missouri Raid in September and October of 1864, then served in northeast Arkansas for the remainder of the war. The regiment surrendered at Jacksonport, Arkansas with Brigadier General M. Jeff Thompson's troops on May 11, 1865.

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