25th Arkansas Infantry Regiment










The 25th Arkansas Infantry was organized in August, 1861 as the 30th Arkansas by the election of Colonel Charles J. Turnbull, of Little Rock, Lt. Col. Henry Remington (who resigned and was replaced by Lt. Col. Eli Hufstedler), and Major James J. Franklin. The company commanders were Co. A, of Pocahontas, Cpt Eli Hufstedler; Co. B, of Saline County, Cpt. James W. Adams; Co. C, of Jacksonport and Hickory Plain, Cpt. John Thomas; Co. D, of Pocahontas, Cpt S.T. Black, killed at Murfreesboro; Co. F, of Little Rock, Cpt. J.J. Franklin, elected major at the regimental organization and subsequently lieutenant colonel, succeeded by Cpt. L.L. Noles, promoted major, 1LT John O'Brien then becoming captain; Co. G, of Pocahontas, Cpt. Stephen Smith; Co. H, Cpt. W.A. Cotter; Co. I, of Jacksonport, Cpt J.G. Adams; Co. K, of St. Charles, Cpt. John A. Wakefield. Major Franklin was wounded at Murfreesboro, and Captain Noles, of Company E became major. He was killed at Kennesaw Mountain, and was succeeded by Captain Cotter, of Company H. Captain S.T. Black, of Company D, was killed at Murfreesboro. After the battle of Murfreesboro, the regiment was renamed as the 25th Arkansas Infantry.

Initially assigned to Van Dorn's Army of the West camped around Van Buren, the 30th/25th Arkansas moved to Corinth, MS with that army in April and May of 1862. At that point it was reassigned to McNair's Brigade, McCown's Division, serving in the battles of Richmond, KY, Perryville, Murfreesboro, Jackson, MS, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Dug Gap, Resaca, New Hope Church, Kennesaw Mountain, Moore's Hill, Peachtree Creek, Atlanta and the siege thereof, Jonesboro, Lovejoy's Station, Moon's Station, Spring Hill, Franklin, Nashville, Sugar Creek, the Carolinas campaign, Avarasboro, and Bentonville, NC.

The unit reported 10 casualties at Richmond, lost 7 killed, 51 wounded, and 3 missing at Murfreesboro, and of the 111 engaged at Chickamauga, fifty-five percent were disabled. On April 26, 1865, it surrendered.

Also Known As: 30th (Turnbull's) Arkansas Infantry Regiment (until January, 1863)

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