2nd Consolidated Regiment
Arkansas Infantry

28th Infantry Regiment, originally known as McRae's Emergency Regiment and also called 2nd Trans-Mississippi Regiment, was organized during the summer of 1862. The unit fought at Prairie Grove, then in January, 1863, was reorganized as the 36th Arkansas Infantry Regiment. Colonel Dandridge McRae, Lieutenant Colonel John E. Glenn, and Major W. S. Hanna were in command.


First Name Last Name Company Rank_In Rank_Out
William Brumley I Private
James L. Bryant I Private
John B. Gehin I Private
O.H. Ginn Sergeant
Green B. Glover E Private
S.H. Jones Sergeant
Polsey Le Beouf Private
John H. Mays B Private
Joe. McDonald D Private
Jos. McDowell Private
W.T. Mulligan Private Private
F.M. Mullis Private
J. A. Presley Private
David Richie Private
David Ritchie Private
J.W. Sanders Private
S.F. Snell Private
Thom. J. Williams Private
P.C. Young Private

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