2nd Arkansas Infantry Battalion


2nd Infantry Battalion was formed during the late summer of 1861 and moved to Virginia. It served in General Pettigrew's and Pender's Brigade, totaled 146 men in April, 1862, and was active in the Seven Day's Battles. The unit later merged into the 3rd Arkansas Regiment. Major William N. Bronaugh was in command.

Mustered as three independent companies between Sept. 29 and Oct. 11, 1861; organized by Special Order #194 on Oct. 29, 1861 in Aquia District, Virginia. The battalion was formed from independent Arkansas infantry companies which were at that time attached to the 1st Arkansas Infantry regiment. Company A was commended by Captain Gregory. Company B, known as "Fagan's Guard", was recruited from southern Saline and western Jefferson county, and was commanded by Captain Henry H. Beavers. Company C was commanded by Captain Lacy. Total battalion strength on organization was 147 men, 76 of these in Company B. The 2nd Battalion was assigned initially to French's Brigade, transferred to Pettigrew's Brigade in March, 1862. Maryland Zouaves were attached to the battalion from February to June, 1862. Served in combat at the Siege of Yorktown (April-May, 1862); Seven Pines (May 31-June 1, 1862), and the Seven Days' Battles (June 25-July 1, 1862). Major Bronaugh and the Battalion was commended in Brigadier General Dorsey Pender's report of the battle of Mechanicsville (Beaver Dam Creek) during the Seven Days, where Major Bronaugh was killed. 7 other members of the battalion were killed in this battle, and 33 seriously wounded. The battalion had managed to cross Beaver Dam Creek, but then were pinned down and unable to advance further, with the enemy guns only 20 yards away and 10 feet over their heads. Bronaugh's death effectively ended the battalion as a separate unit. The survivors were then merged with the 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment, Walker's Brigade, on July 25, 1862.

Officers: Maj. William N. Bronaugh

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