31st Arkansas Infantry Regiment










The 31st Arkansas Infantry was organized near Corinth, Mississippi on May 27, 1862 by consolidating Company G of Williamson's Infantry battalion to the nine companies of McCray's Infantry Battalion and renaming the consolidated unit as the 31st Arkansas. Commanded by Colonel Thomas H. McCray, the field officers included Lt. Cols. Jesse L. Hays, John A. Jacoway, and James F. Johnson, and Majors J.W. Clark, Davis G. Daugherty, and James M. Morgan.

Initially assigned to NcNair's Brigade, McCown's Division in the Army of Kentucky, the regiment served with Edmund Kirby Smith's corps during Bragg's 1862 Kentucky campaign in August through November 1862, then joined what became Bragg's Army of Tennessee and fought in the battle of Murfreesboro on December 31, 1862 -January 2, 1863. Heavy casualties suffered at Murfreesboro caused the regiment to be temporarily consolidated with the 25th Arkansas Infantry in March, 1863. Following this, McNair's Brigade was reassigned to Walker's (later French's) Division where it served under Joe Johnston defending Jackson, MS from Grant and Shermans' approaches during the Vicksburg Campaign. The Brigade rejoined the Army of Tennessee near Tullahoma, TN in September, 1863, where it fought at the battle of Chickamauga on September 19-20, 1863, and in the siege of Chattanooga in October and November, 1863. Heavy casualties again led to the regiment being consolidated with the 4th Arkansas Infantry and the 4th Arkanas Infantry Battalion after Chickamauga. The regiment was again consolidated with the 25th Arkansas during the retreat from Chattanooga into northern Georgia in January, 1864, and the 31st Arkansas disappeared from the records after January 20, 1864.

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