33rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment










Organized on July 11, 1862, Assigned to Shaver's Brigade, Hindman's Division, January through February of 1863. Reassigned to Tappan's Brigade, in Gen'l Sterling Price's Division, from April to November of 1863. They remained with Tappan's Brigade through the remainder of the war.

In the first weeks of September, 1863, the 33rd served in the Little Rock defenses at present-day North Little Rock. After General Price abandoned Little Rock, the 33rd joined the retreat down the Southwest Trail to Benton and on to the vicinity of Arkadelphia, while they spent the winter of 1863.

General Kirby Smith ordered Churchill's Arkansas Division which had most of his infantry (including Tappan's and Gause's brigades) to Shreveport, Louisiana in late March, 1864 to counter the advance of Union General Nathaniel Banks up the Red River.

The 33rd Arkansas served through most of the Red River Campaign during March-May 1864, including the final battle in the southern phase of this campaign at Pleasant Hill. They then slung their knapsacks and went back north into Arkansas in time to fight at Jenkins' Ferry on April 30, 1864. Colonel Grinstead was killed at Jenkins' Ferry leading the regiment's charge, and Lt. Col Thomson succeeded to command. The 33rd suffered a total of 21 killed and 71 wounded in this battle. The regiment saw little additional combat during the rest of the war, and remained in service in southwestern Arkansas until surrendered with MG Kirby Smith's army on May 26, 1865.

Officers: Col. H.L. Grinstead. Field Officers: Maj. W.L. Crenshaw, Lt. Col. H.W. McMillan, Maj. William T. Steele, Lt. Col. Thomas D. Thomson.

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