35th Arkansas Infantry Regiment










Organized by individual companies throughout June of 1862, and organized as the 35th Arkansas Infantry Regiment on July 11, 1862 under the command of Colonel Frank A. Rector. Field Officers were Lt. Col. (later Colonel) Harry J. McCord, Major John J. Dillard, and later Colonel James P. King, Lt. Col. John W. Wallace, and Major Mark T. Tatum. Initially assigned (along with the 34th, 37th, and 39th Arkansas) to Fagan's Brigade in Shoup's Division in MG Thomas Hindman's 1st Corps of the Army of the Trans-Mississippi, where it fought in the battle of Prairie Grove on December 7-8, 1862. After the retreat from Prairie Grove to Van Buren, Fagan's Brigade was ultimately reassigned to General Sterling Price's division. On July 4, 1863, the brigade and the 35th Arkansas served in the attack on the federal post at Helena, Arkansas, and subsequently in the defense of Little Rock in September, 1863. The brigade, now under the command of Brig. Gen. A.T. Hawthorn and composed of the 29th, 34th, and 35th Arkansas regiments, spent the winter of 1863 in the vicinity of Arkadelphia, and then was sent south with Churchill's Arkansas Infantry Division to Shreveport, Louisiana in the early spring of 1864 to assist General Kirby Smith's army in countering Union General Nathaniel Banks' advance along the Red River. After fighting in the battle of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, Churchill's Division and Kirby Smith then marched back to Arkansas to assist General Price in dealing with the other half of the Red River campaign, Union Gen'l Frederick Steele's Camden Expedition moving southwest from Little Rock. The Division and Hawthorn's Brigade arrived in time to join the pursuit of Steele's army as it retreated from Camden, and join in the attack on Steele as he tried to cross the Saline River at Jenkins' Ferry on April 30, 1864. Hawthorn's regiment returned to the vicinity of Camden following Jenkins' Ferry, and saw no substantial combat for the remainder of the war. The regiment ultimately surrendered with Kirby Smith's army on May 26, 1865.

Also Known As: 22nd Arkansas (Rector's-King's-McCord's) Infantry Regiment

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