3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment
(State Troops)

Organized at Arkadelphia in June, 1861. Assigned to the Arkansas State Troops Brigade gathering in northwest Arkansas under the direction of BG Nathan Pearce, joined McCulloch's Brigade along the border of the Indian Territory and in the southwestern Missouri campaign culminating in the Battle of Wilson's Creek on August 19, 1861. Regimental strength at Wilson's Creek: 500 men. Returned to Fort Smith and mustered out in September, 1861.

Officers: Col. Jonathan R. Gratiot; Lt. Col David Provence; Maj. H. Ward

Also Known As: Gratiot's 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment; Gratiot's Infantry Regiment


First Name Last Name Company Rank_In Rank_Out
James Adkins G Private Private
Ed. Alexander B
S.C. Allen B
R. Bean Second Lieutenant
S.R. Bell C Captain Captain
J.V. Blackard Lieutenant Lieutenant
James M. Brewer E
G.D. Britt B
H.T. Brown G Captain Captain
J.N. Brown Lieutenant Lieutenant
William Brown C Sergeant Sergeant
J. Bruce A Private Private
P.W. Buchanan Captain
T.W. Butts Teamster Teamster
H. Byler Private Private
Richard Byrd Private Private
G.M. Caldwell A Private Private
Peter Carnahan Second Lieutenant
D.B. Carr G Private Private
William Carver Private Private
George K. Clark G Private Private
John A. Clarke G Private Private
Joseph M. Clemm
William Colman
W.C. Corcoran I Captain
William Crawford
Homer Cross B
Thomas Davis G Private Private
John H. De Shaso G Private Private
H. Donahue I First Lieutenant
H.C. Dunns A Private
J.C. Emmert A Private Private
Francis Enlow
William Evans
James Fitzwilliams A Third Lieutenant
H. Goodcheaux A Private Private
John H. Grace
Lewis Graf
Jno. R. Gratiot Colonel
B.H. Griffith B
Jno. Griffith Captain
S. A. Hager A Private Private
M.V. Hall
L.D. Harper A Private Private
J. Harris A Private Private
William Hart B Captain
Jas. Hay I Second Lieutenant
M. Henry C
D. Holderby A Private Private
S. Hopper A Private Private
George House C
R. Howard G Private Private
James W. Howell E
Wm. Inge Third Lieutenant
E. Jacobs Second Lieutenant
J.P. Jett B Second Lieutenant
D.W. Jones B First Lieutenant
J. Kennedy A Private Private
Kerby I Corporal Corporal
William Kidd B
A.D. King H Captain
J.P. King Captain
James King
R.W. Knight E Private Private
Jno. Lacey First Lieutenant
A.H. Lacy Second Lieutenant
M.L. Langsron B Sergeant Sergeant
Richard Lawless
J.A. Lemmons E
Mayer Levy A Private Private
J.W. Lowell Unassigned Volunteer Unassigned Volunteer
J. Mabury 3 Third Lieutenant
Robert Manley
S. Martin First Lieutenant
H.H. Mavern G Private Private
Reuben L. Mays
McCarty I Private Private
H.J. McCord First Lieutenant
S.D. McDonnel A Second Lieutenant
R.J. McLytur E
S.N. Montgomery Corporal Corporal
Elias Moore Commissary of Subsistence Commissary of Subsistence
Geo. Morley A First Lieutenant
T.O. Morris A Sergeant Sergeant
J. Neal C
Thomas Neal C Private Private
A. Page A Private Private
Parker B
R. Parks A Private Private
W.B. Phillips B Ensign Ensign
James Poleet
Jeff. Pollard C
David Province Lieutenant Colonel
Jacob Pyatt
Miller Pyatt
H. L. Ray A Private Private
J. C. Reed A Musician Musician
James T. Reynolds B Corporal Corporal
W.R. Rickman A Private Private
T. Robinson C
Jesse Ross Acting Quartermaster
F. Sanger First Lieutenant
W.F.M. Sanger
J.M. Simms Quartermaster Quartermaster
Thomas H. Simms B Private Private
H. Smith C
T.M. Smith E
Wm. Smith Surgeon
J.H. Sparks A Captain
Wiley Stinson B Corporal Corporal
James Stuart Captain
Taylor B Third Lieutenant
G. Thomas A Private Private
Henry Vaught E
W.T. Vinson Sergeant Sergeant
John Wallace G Sergeant Sergeant
Joseph J. Walton A Private Private
Jno. C. Ward Major
A.L. Warner B
John Warren
George L. Washington
Nick Wax C
Omer R. Weaver First Lieutenant
M. West Corporal Corporal
J.L. Whitfield G Corporal Corporal
J. Willard A Musician Musician
William Williams C
William H. Wilson B Private Private
R. Woodson A Private Private
George N. Worsham B
J. Zager A Private Private

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