4th McNair's Infantry Regiment


Field & Staff---Unassigned

Organized and mustered into Confederate service under the command of Colonel Evander McNair at Miller's Springs, Lawrence County, MO on August 17, 1861; an 11th, unlettered company was mustered in on November 11, 1861 and which was later detached to become Company H of the 16th Arkansas Infantry on December 4, 1861. Co. A was the "Calhoun Escopets"; Co. B the "Hempstead Hornets"; Co. C the "Caddo Rifles"; Co. D was the "Bright Star Rifles"; Co. E the "Confederate Guards"; Co. F the "Montgomery Hunters"; Co. G the "Pike County Blues"; Co. H, the "Polk County Invincibles".

the 4th Arkansas was assigned to McCulloch's Brigade in northwest Arkansas in late August, 1861. Served in the Indian Territory, September-October 1861. Reassigned to McIntosh's Brigade, McCulloch's Division of Van Dorn's Army of the West in February, 1862. Fought at Leetown battlefield at Pea Ridge on March 7-8, 1862. Reconsolidated at Van Buren, Arkansas, then marched overland to Des Arc where the regiment was transported by steamboat to Memphis in an attempt to unite the Army of the West with the Confederate Army of Mississippi to attack Grant at Pittsburgh Landing TN, but arrived too late for the Battle of Shiloh. Reorganized at Corinth, MS on May 8, 1862. Served in Price's Division, Army of the West in the Corinth Campaign in May-June, 1862, then participated in battles of Richmond, and Perryville KY in August and October of 1862, respectively. In December, 1862, reassigned to McNair's Brigade, McCown's Division where it fought in the battles of Stones River (Dec. 31, 1862-Jan 3, 1863), the siege of Jackson MS in July, 1863; Chickamauga (Sep 19-20, 1863); Siege of Chattanooga (Sep.-Nov. 1863); the Atlanta Campaign, Dug Gap, Resaca, New Hope Church, Kennesaw Mountain, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Ezra Church, the siege of Atlanta, Jonesboro, and Lovejoy's Station. Consolidated with the 4th and 34th Arkansas Infantry in the summer of 1863. Reassigned to D.H. Hill's Brigade for Hood's Tennessee Campaign where it fought at Spring Hill, Franklin, Nashville, and Sugar Creek. Engaged in the Carolinas Campaign in early 1865, and at the last battles of the Army of Tennessee at Avarasboro and Bentonville on March 19-21, 1865. Survivors were apparently consolidated along with those of the 4th Infantry Battalion, 9th, and 25th Arkansas Infantry regiments and the 1st and 2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles regiments and renamed as the 1st Mounted Rifles Consolidated Regiment at Smithfield, NC on April 9th, 1865. Surrendered two weeks later with LTG Joe Johnston's Army of Tennessee near Durham, North Carolina.

Officers: Col. Evander McNair. Field Officers: Lt. Col. (later Col.) Henry G. Bunn, Maj. (later Lt. Col) James H. May, Maj. Joseph B. McCulloch, Lt. Col. Samuel Ogden

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