5th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
(State Troops)


Organized with five companies in June, 1861 under the command of Colonel Thomas P. Dockery of Lamartine in Magnolia County. Lt. Col. Joseph Neal was deputy regimental commander. Company commanders were Co. A, Cpt. Whallings; Co. B, Cpt. Dismukes; Co. C, Cpt. Lawrence; Co. D, Cpt. Dowd, and Co. E, Cpt. Titsworth. Assigned to the Arkansas State Troops Brigade gathering in northwest Arkansas under the direction of BG Nathan Pearce, joined McCulloch's Brigade along the border of the Indian Territory and in the southwestern Missouri campaign culminating in the Battle of Wilson's Creek on August 19, 1861. Regimental strength at Wilson's Creek: 650 men. Returned to Fort Smith and mustered out in September, 1861. Most former members of the 5th State Troops subsequently re-enlisted in Dawson's Infantry regiment.

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