Johnson's-Hawthorn's-Cocke's Arkansas
Infantry Regiment

Mustered as individual companies in June and July of 1862. Regiment organized under the command of Colonel Alfred W. Johnson in August, 1862. Engaged at Cane Hill on November 28, 1862, and at the battle of Prairie Grove on December 7-8, 1862. Retreated to Van Buren, Ark. following Prairie Grove. Reorganized again on December 16, 1862 by consolidating some of the original companies and with the addition of three more companies of Gipson's Mounted Rifles Battalion. Initially assigned to Fagan's Arkansas Brigade, Hindman's Division, Army of the Trans-Mississippi in January 1863. Participated in the attack on Helena on July 4, 1863, and in the Little Rock Campaign from August 1 to September 14, 1863. Engaged at the battle of Reed's Bridge (Bayou Meto) on August 27, and at Bayou Fourche just outside Little Rock on September 11, 1863. Retreated with Price's army into southwest Arkansas following the fall of Little Rock. Col. Hawthorn assumed command of the brigade in early 1864, and the regiment participated in the Red River Campaign during March and April of 1864, fighting at Jenkins' Ferry on April 30, 1864. Remained on duty in southwest Arkansas until the end of the War in May, 1865

Commanders: Colonel Alfred W. Johnson; Colonel Alexander T. Hawthorn, Colonel John B. Cocke. Field Officers: Lt. Col. Cadwallader Polk; Lt. Col. D.W. Ringo.

Also Known as: 6th Trans-Mississippi Infantry Regiment; 39th Arkansas Infantry Regiment

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