4th Engineers Regiment

4th Engineers Regiment was organized during the summer of 1864 at Shreveport, Louisiana. Most of its members were from Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas, but it is doubtful that the unit contained more than three companies. It was assigned to Headquarters, Trans-Mississippi Department, and for a time operated along the western bank of the Mississippi River. The command was probably broken up early in 1865. Colonel Hugh T. Douglas was its commander.


First Name Last Name Company Rank_In Rank_Out
Johnson Abbott B Corporal Corporal
David Adams E Artificer Private
A.I. Anderson F Private Private
C.G. Andrews B Artificer Artificer
H.A. Andrews   Corporal Corporal
Jules Ansalin   First Sergeant Sergeant
Julius Anselin   First Sergeant First Sergeant
Baillie P. Armstrong   Private Private
A. Arnold G Corporal Corporal
R.M. Arthur      
Roswell M. Arthur   Private Private
G. Artz E Artificer Artificer
Otto Artz E Sergeant Sergeant
Gustavus Artzt E Artificer Artificer
L.H. Babcock   Artificer Artificer
R.L. Babcock   Artificer Artificer
W.H. Bachmann E Private Private
William A. Baker F Sergeant Sergeant
R. M. Bankhead   Artificer Artificer
William Barnard G Private Private
M. Baron E Artificer Artificer
J. L. Bartlett   Lieutenant Lieutenant
R. F. Battore   Artificer Artificer
Christen Baumgarten   Sergeant Sergeant
D.R. Beard   Private Private
Davis Beard   Private Private
W.T.H. Beezley A Private Private
William B. Bennett E Private Private
W. Bergstadt E Artificer Artificer
W.S. Berry   Artificer Artificer
William T. Berry   Artificer Artificer
D.C. Bledsoe   Artificer Artificer
E.B. Bobe   Sergeant Sergeant
E.B. Bobo   Sergeant Sergeant
H.F. Bolinger E Artificer Private
H.F. Bollinger E Artificer Private
F. Bonewietz E Artificer Artificer
F. Bonewitz E Artificer Artificer
F. Bonnester B    
William Borgstadt E Artificer Artificer
Aug. Botman   Artificer Artificer
George Bowers H Private Private
R.P. Boyd, Jr. E    
Frederick W. Brandes D Sergeant Sergeant
Alfonso Brehlan I Captain Captain
J.C. Brice K Private Private
William Brockman   Private Private
Joseph Brooks   Artificer Artificer
R.L. Brooks E Artificer Sergeant
G.A. Brown C Private Private
J.H. Brown E Artificer Artificer
J.M. Brown      
John Brumm E Artificer Artificer
John Brumme E Artificer Artificer
Lane Buck E Corporal Corporal
John Bullacher E Artificer Artificer
A.H. Burnam A Private Private
Lewis Burrow      
R.S. Burrow   Private Private
Lewis Burrows      
Taylor Buskirk   Private Private
W.J. Butler E Artificer Artificer
James Cahill   Artificer Artificer
M. Cahill      
A. J. Caldwell   Private Private
H. J. Campbell E Artificer Artificer
John H. Campbell E Artificer Artificer
E. L. Carson E Artificer Artificer
R. B. Casey   Private Private
J. A. Casteel   Private Sergeant
John Chambard B Private Private
N. Chapman E Artificer Artificer
H. Charton      
George Chrom   Private Private
B. M. Churchman   Private Private
R. M. Churchman   Private Private
John M. Clark E Artificer Artificer
Thomas J. Clegg A Private Private
C. B. Close E Artificer Private
H. A. Close E Artificer Private
W. Coates   Private Private
William Coats   Private Private
Joseph D. Coco I Private Private
A. H. Collier B Artificer Artificer
H. W. S. Collier   Artificer Artificer
H. D. Collins I Private Private
I. I. Colvin A Private Private
Vogt Conrad   Artificer Artificer
F. M. Conway H Private Private
Andrew J. Cook   Artificer Artificer
J. B. Cook E Artificer Artificer
R. H. Corker   Private Private
F. Courbut E Private Private
Jerome Couvillion I Private Private
Elias Cox E Corporal Corporal
George Cracker E Private Private
George Crocker E Private Private
D. E. Crossland   Lieutenant Lieutenant
Robert Crow H Private Private
William P. Crush   Sergeant Private
John Culbertson A Private Private
G. W. Cutts   Private Private
Peter Darras E Private Private
James W. Davidson   Private Private
Nat Davidson   Private Private
P.D. Davis G Private Private
R.B. Dean E Private Private
R.M. Dean I Sergeant Sergeant
W.R. Devoe B Captain Captain
John Dickeson E Sergeant Sergeant
A.C. Dickinson   Captain Captain
A. Dickson   Private Private
A.C. Dickson   Captain Captain
J.S. Dodd   Private Private
J.S. Dodo   Private Private
Thomas Donnell   Sergeant Sergeant
J.D. Dotson E Artificer Artificer
Henry T. Douglas   First Lieutenant Lieutenant Colonel
John B. Douglas A Private Private
Alonzo Driskell   Private Private
E.N. DuFreil   Sergeant Sergeant
J.D. Duncan   Private Private
J.M. Duncan   Private Private
George G. Eades      
D. Eastburn   Sergeant Sergeant
David Eastburn   Sergeant Sergeant
D. Eastburne   Sergeant Sergeant
George G. Eddes      
George Edds      
P.W. Eden      
G.D. Edzard E Private Private
J.D. Edzard E Private Private
Christian Engel E Private Private
Ira Ezzell      
Levi H. Ezzell   Artificer Artificer
T. Ezzell   Artificer Artificer
J.D. Farris I Private Private
R.J. Farris I Private Private
Thomas E. Farris H Private Private
T.S. Faucett H Private Private
J.C. Faulkner E Private Private
W.H. Fergerson E Artificer Artificer
J.F. Ferguson   Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
James S. Ferguson   First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
W.H. Ferguson E Artificer Artificer
C.A. Fisher B Sergeant Sergeant
J.J. Fisher G Private Private
F. Fitzgerald      
Calvin J. Forest D Private Private
W.C. Foster A First Sergeant First Sergeant
William Fowler E Artificer Artificer
William Freret A Captain Captain
D.E. Fruitt      
G.M. Fullen      
J.M. Fullen      
R.M. Fullen B Artificer Artificer
S.E. Fullen      
S.E. Fuller      
Ira Fullon      
S.E. Fullon      
T.W. Fullon      
W.H. Furgerson E Artificer Artificer
C. Gaines   Sergeant Corporal
Craig Gaines   Sergeant Corporal
Jordan Gallaway   Private Private
L.B.C. Gallaway I Corporal Corporal
Jordan Galloway   Private Private
Levi B.C. Galloway I Corporal Corporal
Celestin Gauthier I Private Private
John A. Gayler H Private Private
T.S. Genoways   Private Private
James George E Artificer Artificer
C.H.L. Gerloff      
J.L. Gerloff   Artificer Artificer
Oswald Gesterman   Artificer Artificer
M.B. Gibson   Private Private
P.J. Gilchrist      
T.A. Gill   Private Private
Thomas H. Gill   Private Private
S. Gindorf      
Clement Girardin E Artificer Artificer
J.C. Glenn   Artificer Artificer
Anderson Goad   Private Private
W.H. Goff      
J.R. Goode   First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
J.T. Goodnight E Artificer Artificer
Stephen Grant I Private Private
Simon P. Green H Private Private
John Greener      
John Greiner      
C. Grimellion I Private Private
I.L. Grubbs H Private Private
T.I. Grubbs H Private Private
Heinrich Grupe E Corporal Corporal
Henry Grupe E Corporal Corporal
Oswald Gusterman   Artificer Artificer
B.T. Hagan I   Private
D.J. Haines E Private Private
W.K. Haines B Artificer Private
A.W. Hall D Private Private
Fentrell Hall H Private Private
J.M. Hall E Artificer Artificer
Warren Hamilton I Private Private
S.H. Hammack E Artificer Artificer
S.M. Hammack E Artificer Artificer
James Hammel E Private Private
James Hammil E Private Private
W. Handley B Private  
H. Hanewacher E Artificer Artificer
J.H. Haney   First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
H. Hannumacher E Artificer Artificer
Potter Hanson A    
L. Hardshell   Private Private
P. Harluke   Artificer Artificer
John Harman   Private Sergeant
E. M. Harrington      
R. P. Harrison   Private Private
Paul Haschke   Artificer Artificer
P. Hashki   Artificer Artificer
H. H. Haskell   Private Private
Horace H. Haskell   Artificer Artificer
William Hasley   Artificer Artificer
D. I. Haynes E Private Private
W. K. Haynes B Artificer Private
John Hays   Private Private
R. Hays   Private Private
Thomas Head      
William Heinze E Artificer Private
J. W. Henderson E Private Private
William Hendley      
G. P. Hendricks   Private Private
G. S. Hendricks   Private Private
J. D. Henson   Artificer Artificer
William Henson   Artificer Artificer
John G. Herring   Private Private
D. M. Heustis   Private Private
J. D. Hewson   Artificer Artificer
William Hewson   Artificer Artificer
George W. Hiller E Sergeant Sergeant
George Himmelmann E Private Private
L. M. Hitchcock      
L.M. Hitchcock      
William Hodge      
W. Hodgson E Corporal Corporal
J. Wesley Hodson   Private Private
T.H. Holmes Jr.   Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Alfred Hopkins A Private Private
John Hormon   Private Sergeant
F. Horn B Sergeant Sergeant
L. Howdeshell   Private Private
M.G. Howe E Captain Captain
H. Humphrey E Lieutenant Lieutenant
H.A. Humphreys E Lieutenant Lieutenant
H.A. Humphries E Lieutenant Lieutenant
E.C. Hunt I Corporal Corporal
J.B. Hunter   Private Corporal
A.B. Iresen H Private Private
A.J. Jackson E Artificer Artificer
F.W. Jaeger E    
William Jaeger E Sergeant Sergeant
C. James   Private Private
D. Janisch E Artificer Artificer
Ludwig Janisch E Artificer Artificer
W.G. Jarvis E Sergeant Sergeant
Joseph Jay 3 Sergeant Sergeant
Charles Johnson E Private Private
Daniel Johnson I Private Private
E.B. Johnson H Private Private
Frank Johnson E Artificer Artificer
D.F. Jones   Corporal Private
W.M. Jones E Artificer Artificer
William Jones E Artificer Artificer
William Jones E Artificer Artificer
J.D. Keeney   Private Private
J.D. Keeny   Private Private
W. Kelley   Private Private
W. H. King H Sergeant Sergeant
William Knoche E Artificer Artificer
Henry Koenig E Private Private
H. Konig E Private Private
M. W. C. Kosse E Corporal Corporal
J. J. Krauss E Private Private
J. J. Krons E Private Private
B. F. Kuch H Private Private
Theodore Kuehne E Private Private
Theodore Kuhne E Private Private
A. Lackin   Private Private
J. S. Lade      
Louis Lang E Private Private
Ch. Laubengeiger E Artificer Private
A. M. Lea      
Morgan Lee      
R. F. Lee      
Walter Leigh      
A. R. Leslie D Private Private
C. Uncas Lewis I Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
J. M. Livergood      
Thomas J. Livergood      
J. L. Lloid   Artificer Artificer
J. L. Lloyd   Artificer Artificer
C. H. Lobengager E Artificer Private
F. Long B Private Private
L.S. Long      
Levi Long      
J.L. Loyd   Artificer Artificer
A. Lyken   Private Private
  Lykens   Private Private
J. Mageurs E Private Artificer
M. Manheimer A Private Private
George Marshall E Private Private
Ludwig Maser E Artificer Artificer
G.W. Mason B Private Private
J.A. Mathews   Private Sergeant
J.A. Matthews   Private Sergeant
William E. Matthews   Private Private
J. Mayer E Artificer Artificer
Isadore Mayes E Artificer Artificer
J.M. McCammel E Private Private
J.W. McCampbell   Corporal Corporal
F. McDonnell E Private Private
J.B. McGee I Sergeant Sergeant
W.W. McNatt   Ordnance Sergeant Ordnance Sergeant
V.R. Meeks E Artificer Artificer
Henry Meier E Artificer Artificer
A.L. Mershon A Private Private
Christian Meyer E Artificer Artificer
E. Meyer E    
Fred Meyer   Artificer Artificer
George Meyer E Artificer Artificer
George Meyers E Artificer Artificer
John Mhoon   First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
Lewis Miller E Artificer Artificer
M.A. Miller B Private Private
F.W. Mills E Artificer Artificer
B.W. Mincks   Private Private
W.E. Mitchell      
William Molhausen E Artificer Artificer
W. Molhuson E Artificer Artificer
M.L. Monasco   Private Private
James J. Moore A Private Private
Joseph Moore   Private Private
Josiah Moore   Private Private
Thomas L. Moore E Artificer Artificer
Charles Moser E Artificer Artificer
Henry Mueller E Artificer Artificer
Louis Mueller E Artificer Artificer
Henry Muller E Artificer Artificer
I. N. Munel A Private Private
H.E. Murphy E Artificer Private
A.W. Murray   Artificer Artificer
A.M. Nash A Private Private
E. Neal   Artificer Artificer
I.C. Newberry A Private Private
B.F. Northcutt E Private Private
P.W. Oden      
P.W. Odin      
B.W. Odom   Corporal Sergeant
D.W. Odom   Corporal Sergeant
E.J.W. Ogden   Private Corporal
W.R. Ogden   Private Private
T.J. Ogle   Private Sergeant
T.S. Ogle   Private Sergeant
W. Outerside E Artificer Artificer
Lucien Outre E Artificer Private
William Outterside E Artificer Artificer
  Parchman   Private Private
I.I. Patterson H Corporal Corporal
Monroe Patterson   Private Private
Robert F. Patton   Artificer Artificer
Aug. Pautsch E Corporal Corporal
William Pautsch E Artificer Artificer