1st Infantry Battalion--Forney's




1st Infantry Battalion was organized during the spring of 1862 with six companies. Three contained men from the 2nd Alabama Regiment and one each from Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. The unit was active at Corinth, then assigned to Rust's and J. Adams' Brigade, and fought at Port Hudson, Champion's Hill, and Jackson. In the spring of 1864 it was ordered to Virginia and attached to J. R. Davis' Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. The unit participated in the conflicts at The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Bethesda Church, and Cold Harbor, then endured the long Petersburg siege south of the James River. Most of the battalion was captured at Hatcher's Run, and at the surrender in April, 1865, only 3 officers and 6 men were present. Lieutenant Colonels George H. Forney and Francis B. McClung, and Major Lawrence W. O'Bannon were in command.

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