3rd Infantry Regiment



3rd Infantry Regiment was organized in January, 1862, by consolidating the 19th (Marmaduke's) Arkansas Regiment and the 1st Arkansas Battalion. The unit contained eight companies from Arkansas and two from Mississippi. It fought at Shiloh, Farmington, and Perryville, then was assigned to Wood's, L. E. Polk's, and Govan's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. From February, 1863, to April, 1864, it was united with the 5th (Smith's) Confederate Regiment. Active in many battles of the army from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, the unit continued the fight in Tennessee with Hood and ended the war in North Carolina. It reported 5 killed, 27 wounded, and 37 missing at Murfreesboro. The 3rd/5th sustained many casualties at Chickamauga and totaled 338 men and 232 arms in December, 1863. In July, 1864, the 3rd had only 62 men present for duty and only a handful surrendered on April 26, 1865. Its field officers were colonel John S. Marmaduke, and Lieutenant Colonels John F. Cameron, J. C. Cole, James B. Johnson, and Henry V. Keep.

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