Confederate State Rangers

The third company to leave Opelousas and St. Landry Parish to join the Confederate forces in the spring of 1861 was The Confederate State Rangers. Captain was William H. Spencer, and 1st Lieutenant was M.S.  Prud'homme (they still spelled Prudhomme with the apostrophe then, as did others with vowel-omitted French names, such as D'Arbonne, which have since dropped it.)

The Rangers joined Stonewall Jackson's Louisiana Brigade along with the first two war-bound St. Landry Parish companies, whose rosters are also listed. The Louisiana Brigade fought valiantly during Jackson's awesome campaign in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The Louisiana Brigade suffered terrific casualties, having been in the thick of the worst of the Civil War for a goodly part of its duration.

Officers & Non Commissioned Officers

William H. Spencer, Capt. M.S. Prud'homme, 1st Lt.
Louis Prud'homme Jr., 2nd Lt. E.D. Seaton Jr., 2nd. Lt.
Nat. G. Davis, Ensign A. Perrodin, 1st Sgt.
Jos. C. Lebleu, 2nd Sgt. Isaac Ryan, 3rd Sgt.
Paul Lambert 4th Sgt. J.F. Mouille, 5th Sgt.
James McKinney, 1st Cpt. Isaac Reeves, 2nd Cpt.
Wm. L. Hutchins, 3rd Capt. Henry Miller, 4th Cpl.


Joseph Auge  Andre Lastrapes
 Scoulange Augustin  Pat F. McCormick
 E. Babled  Aquila McDaniel Jr.
 John Bentz  Dupre Marceantel
 John U. Berry  Maxile Marcantel
 Wm. C. Bolin  J.M. Miller
 Emile Buller  Alfred Morgan
 Valmount Chaisson  Joseph Moreau
 Jean Courville  James Moyle
 Louis Courville  Lewis Nugent
 Patrick Coyne  H.W. Newton
 Guilliaume Durio  John Norton
 H.A. Fleshman  Edward O'Hara
 Joseph Grange  Nelson D. Orent
 James Hardisty  Robert F. Pierce
 David Hargrove  Albert M. Pithon
 Joseph Herrington  Octave Prud'homme
 Easton Hoffpauir  James Ragan
 Nathan L. Howell  James Reeves
 H.W. Jeffries  Joseph Richard
 David Johnson  Michael Ryan
 Justice H. Jackson  Jno. C. Reichenback
 James Kennedy  Frank Romerkirchen
 Benj. Kirkman  Pat Scanlin
 Gustave Kughfahl  Wm. Scutten
 J.B. Lambert  Peter Sherry
 Isaac Landsdale  G.L. Strange
 Zephirin Langley  Thos. E. Stringer
 Edward Linder  Frederick Sack
 John H. Lindsey  Jean Trahan
 Armelin Linscicome  Pierre Vincent
 George Lalonde  Alexander Wade
 Anatoie Lalonde  Cyrus Whigam

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