Marion Artillery Battery

Marion Light Artillery was organized on Amelia Island, Florida, in June 1861. Later it moved to Kentucky and took part in the fight at Perryville. The company served in S.C. Williams', M. Smith's, and L. Hoxton's Battalion of Artillery, and participated in the campaigns of the Army of Tennessee from Chickamauga to Nashville. It then was involved in the defense of Mobile and was included in the surrender of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. The unit was commanded by Captains John M. Martin and Robert P. McCants.

BARRINGTON     A F           PV                                                                          
BENNETT        RICHARD G     PV                                                                          
BETHEL         JOHN A        PV                                                                          
BLAIR          RICHARD       PV                                                                          
BORRING        JOHN W        PV                                                                          
BOSTWICK       JAMES H       PV                                                                          
BRADHAM        HENRY         PV                       TR   FR 7INF THOS             DD   TN KNOX         01DEC62
BRINSON        JAMES J       PV                       W    GA DALTON      09MAY64                        
BROADWATER     JONAH S       PV                                                                          
BROOKER        SILAS E       PV                                                                          
BROOME         G K           3L                       P    3L                                            
BROWARD        PULASKI       PV                                                                          
BURFORD        JOSEPH C      PV                       W    GA KENNESAW    18JUN64                        
CAIN           WILLIAM D     PV                                                                          
CARLTON        ROBERT A      PV                                                                          
CARMAN         CORNELIUS     PV                                                                          
COKER          WESLEY A      PV                                                                          
COOK           ZEDECEAH      PV                                                                          
COOPER         ANDREW        PV                                                                          
CRIBB          ROBERT H      PV                       W    KY RICHMOND    00AUG62                        
CROSBY         THOMAS W      PV                                                                          
CURRY                        3L                       D                   62                             
CURRY          EDWARD        PV                                                                          
DAVIS                        1L                       P    3L TO 2L,1L                                   
DICKINSON      J J           1L                       RS   JOINED 2CAV    00MAY62   P    CN,CL           
DOZIER         LEONARD       2S                       P    2S                                            
DREW           L             PV                                                                          
DRIGGERS       JOHN          PV                                                                          
DRIGGERS       JASPER J      PV                                                                          
DRYDEN         W T           PV                       DG   DISABILITY     20AUG63   RL   A STEWART CO    64
DUPREE         LUCIAN D      C                                                                           
DUPREE         ERASTUS D     PV                                                                          
DYE            WILLIAM T     PV                                                                          
FIFE           R M           PV                                                                          
GEIGER         JOHN S        PV                                                                          
GOIN           JAMES M       PV                                                                          
GOING          AARON S       PV                                                                          
GORDON         THOMAS W      1S                                                                          
GRAYDON        BENJAMIN F    PV                                                                          
HADDOCK        D T           PV                                                                          
HAGGAON        THOMAS N      PV                                                                          
HAMMOND        SAMUEL N      PV                                                                          
HAMMOND        T N           PV                                                                          
HARTLEY        JOSEPH A      PV                       TR   WESTCOTT CO    00OCT62        BREVARDS BTN    
HIGGENBOTHAM   S             PV                       W    GA CHICKMGA                                   
HILTON         JAMES M       PV                                                                          
HOGAN          DANIEL N      PV                       W    TN NASHVILLE   15DEC64                        
HOGANS         REUBEN        PV                                                                          
HOGANS         WILLIAM J     PV                                                                          
HOLMES         HENRY M       S                                                                           
HOLSHOUSER     WILLIAM W     S                        P    S                        K                    64
HULL           R A           PV                                                                          
HULL           BENJAMIN A    PV                                                                          
IVEY           MICHAEL J     PV                                                                          
JENKINS        SAMUEL T      PV                                                                          
JOHNSON        JAMES I       PV                                                                          
JOHNSTON       FRANKLIN A    PV                                                                          
JOHNSTON       DANIEL J      PV                                                                          
JONES          ORMOND        S                                                                           
JORDAN         WILLIAM E     PV                                                                          
KING           JOHN          PV                                                                          
KING           WILLIAM W     PV                                                                          
LANE           EDMUND B      PV                                                                          
LEITNER        WILLIS F      PV                                                                          
LEITNER        J D           S                                                                           
MABRY          W W           PV                                                                          
MARLOWE        T C           PV                                                                          
MARTIN         JOHN M        CN                       W    KY             62        RS   EL CONGRESS     
MASTERS        BEN           PV                                                                          
MATHEWS        JOHN W        PV                                                                          
MCBRIDE        JAMES         PV                                                                          
MCCANTS        ROBERT P      CN                       P    2L TO CN                 RS                   63
MCNABB         JOSHUA N G    S                                                                           
MCNABB         JAMES W       PV                                                                          
MCRORY         CHARLES F     PV                                                                          
MEADOWS        JACOB G       PV                                                                          
MILLS          SAMUEL P      PV                                                                          
MINTON         J T           PV                                                                          
MINTON         JOHN S        PV                                                                          
MINTON         H S           PV                                                                          
MIRANDU        THOMAS E      PV                       W    TN NASHVILLE   15DEC64                        
MORRISON       HUG A         PV                                                                          
MORRISON       JOHN B        PV                                                                          
MORRISON       WILLIAM J     PV                                                                          
MORRISON       DANIEL        PV                                                                          
MORRISON       C J           PV                                                                          
NEAL           A J           1L                       P    3L TO 2L,1L    63        K                    64
NOBLES         EDWARD        PV                                                                          
NOBLES         NATHANIEL     PV                                                                          
NORTON         N B           PV                                                                          
NORTON         W R           PV                                                                          
OTES           D DUNLAP      PV                                                                          
PASTEUR        GEORGE        PV                                                                          
PERRY          THOMAS J      CN                       P    CN                       W    GA DALTON       
PERRY          ALEXANDER H   PV                                                                          
PETERS         HARRIS H      PV                       W    GA KENNESAW                                   
PETERSON       HENRY         PV                                                                          
PLUNKETT       ELIJAH        PV                                                                          
RILES          JOHN          PV                                                                          
ROBERTSON      JOHN N        PV                                                                          
ROBERTSON      JALEZ         PV                                                                          
RUSSELL        R R           PV                                                                          
SAUNDERS       BENJAMIN      PV                       W    GA LOVEJOY S   10AUG64                        
SEIGLER        JOHN M        PV                                                                          
SIMMONS        W A W         PV                                                                          
SMITH          JOHN H        PV                       K    GA MARIETTA    18AUG64                        
SMITH          THOMAS J H    PV                                                                          
SPARKMAN       ISAAC         PV                                                                          
STEVENS        WILLIAM C     PV                                                                          
STRICKLAND     M C           C                                                                           
STRICKLAND     JOHN C        PV                                                                          
STURDEVANT     JOSEPH J      PV                                                                          
SWEARENGEN     SAMUEL        PV                                                                          
TARATUS        M H           PV                       W    GA LOVEJOY S                                  
TIDWELL        WILLIAM       2L                       P    2L                       K    KY RICHMOND     
TILLMAN        JOHN E        PV                                                                          
TIMMONS        S E           PV                                                                          
TRACY          L P           C                                                                           
WALL           H D           PV                                                                          
WEBB           FRANKLIN      PV                                                                          
WILLIS         JOSEPH H      PV                                                                          
ZEIGLER        JOSEPH J      PV  

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