Milton Artillery

Milton Light Artillery was organized in November 1861, at Apalachicola, Florida. The unit fought at St. Johns Bluff and in several engagements around Jacksonville. During the summer of 1863 it was divided; Company A fought at Lake City, Cedar Run, and Milton, and Company B at Olustee, Horse Landing, and Gainesville. Assigned to the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, it was included in the surrender on May 10, 1865. Its captains were Henry F. Abell and Joseph L. Dunham.

A roll of artillery company, recorded as the Milton Artillery, organized for the defense of the St. Johns River and Jacksonville.  There is nothing to show when this Company entered the service, how long it remained in service or where or what that service was.  The names of a few of the members of this Company are to be found in the 11th Regiment.  Evidently the Company was organized early in the War and was dissolve after possibly a few weeks organization, and its members enlisted in other commands.


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