Milton Artillery

Milton Light Artillery was organized in November 1861, at Apalachicola, Florida. The unit fought at St. Johns Bluff and in several engagements around Jacksonville. During the summer of 1863 it was divided; Company A fought at Lake City, Cedar Run, and Milton, and Company B at Olustee, Horse Landing, and Gainesville. Assigned to the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, it was included in the surrender on May 10, 1865. Its captains were Henry F. Abell and Joseph L. Dunham.

ACOSTA          GEORGE C.        CN                          
THOMAS          JOHN             1L                          
PRICE           JOHN             2L                          RE-ENLISTED, CO D, 11TH REGIMENT
PRICE, JR.      JOHN             3L                          RE-ENLISTED, CO D, 11TH REGIMENT
ADAMS           GEORGE W.        P                           RE-ENLISTED, CO D, 11TH REGIMENT
ALLEN           WILLIAM S        P                           
ANDREW          JOHN C.          P                           
BIGELOW         E                P                           
BIGELOW         L.B.             P                           
CALWELL         GEORGE           P                           
CAMPBELL        WESLEY           P                           
CAPELLA         LAURENCE         P                           
COLE            WILLIAM          P                           
COTTLE          REUBEN           P                           
FIRNHENDORF     BERNCH           P                           
GAMES           JOSEPH           P                           
GILCHRIST       GEORGE           P                           
GILLEN          WILLIAM J.       P                           
GRISHAM         EPHRIAM          P                           
GROTLEY         JOHN             P                           
HAMMON          ELIAS            P                           RE-ENLISTED, CO. D, 11 REGIMENT
HAMMON          SEMORE           P                           
HAMMON          WILLIAM          P                           
HAMMON          WILLIAM B        P                           
HARTLEY         GABRIEL          P                           
HARTLEY         JOSEPH           P                           
HARTLEY         WILLIAM          P                           
HOPKINS         G.W.             P                           
JERIKA          HENRY            P                           
JOINER          ELBERT S         P                           
JONES           MITCHELL         P                           
LAG             JAMES            P                           
LOW             ARCHIBALD        P                           
MASON           CHARLES J        P                           
MCDOWELL        JOHN C           P                           
MCGREGOR        PATRICK          P                           
MCINTIRE        R.W.             P                           
O'NEAL          HENRY            P                           
ORTEGAS         IGNEDIS          P                           
ORTEGAS         JOHN             P                           
PETTY           GEORGE           P                           
PETTY, JR       GEORGE           P                           
PHILLIPS        ROBERT           P                           
PICKETT         H                P                           RE-ENLISTED CO. D, 11TH REGIMENT
ROBERTS         ANDREW J         P                           
ROBERTS         F.M.             P                           RE-ENLISTED CO. D, 11TH REGIMENT
ROBERTS         ISAIH            P                           
ROBERTS, JR     JOSIAH           P                           
ROBERTS         J.M.             P                           
ROBERTS         WASHINGTON       P                           
SONGER          HENRY G          P                           
SANTO           JOSEPH           P                           
SCOTT           EDWARD           P                           
SERDY           JULIUS           P                           
SITTLEBERY      JOHN             P                           
STONE           CHARLES          P                           
S???            JOHN             P                           
TANNER          JOSEPH           P                           
THEB???         ??               P                           
TURNER          C.T.             P                           
V???            JAMES            P                           
WHITAKER        JAMES            P                           
WILFORD         LEWIS            P                           
WINGETT         JOEL B           P                           
WINGETT         JOHN D           P                           
WORLEY          GEORGE           P                        

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