1st Cavalry Regiment










1st Cavalry Regiment was organized in July, 1861, near Tallahassee, Florida, Companies that made up the unit were recruited in the counties of Columbia, Nassau, Clay, Suwannee, Leon, Levy, Duval, and Alachua. It served in Florida until the spring of 1862 when seven companies were dismounted and Companies A, E, and F continued to serve as cavalry. This battalion fought at Richmond, skirmished in Kentucky and Tennessee, then during the end of 1863 rejoined the command as infantry. After fighting at Perryville, the regiment was assigned to Colonel R. C. Trigg's, and later General Finaley's and J. A. Smith's Brigade. In December, 1863, the 1st Cavalry (dismounted) was consolidated with the 4th Florida Infantry Regiment. It served with the Army of Tennessee from Chickamauga to Atlanta, accompanied Hood to Tennessee, and was active at Bentonville. The unit was organized with over 850 officers and men, reported 27 casualties at Chickamauga, and the 1st/4th totaled 198 men and 109 arms in December, 1863. It surrendered on April 26, 1865. The field officers were colonels W. G. M. Davis and G. Troup Maxwell, Lieutenant Colonel W. T. Stockton, and Major Henry Bradford.

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