Coast Guards, Captain A. B. Noyes

This Company was mustered into Confederate service October 9, 1861, for a period of three months unless sooner discharged, and were to be stationed at St. Marks. There is no record as to who the mustering officer was; presumably it was Captain Noyes. From the mustering note it would appear that they were not assigned to duty, because the note says "when called into Confederate service of the Confederate States." On the 10th of October, 1861, this Company was called into the service of the State. There is no record that it ever entered into the Confederate service as a company, nor is there any record of its discharge from service.

LAST NAME       FIRST NAME       RNK           DATE     
NOYES           A.B.             CN            9OCT61
JOHNSON         CHARLES W        1L            9OCT61
ANDERSON        THOMAS W         2L            18OCT61
ANDERSON        HENRY            SEAMAN        10OCT61
ANDERSON        RUFUS                          
ANDERSON        WILLIAM H        SEAMAN        10OCT61
ASHLEY          J. BENJAMIN      SEAMAN        
BARR            JAMES M          SEAMAN        15OCT61
BALLISTE        JOHN                           
BENTON          WILLIAM N        SEAMAN        9OCT61
BLACKWELL       WILLIAM                        10OCT61
BLITCHINGTON    WILLIAM                        
BLYTHE          THOMAS S         SEAMAN        14OCT61
BLYTHE          WILLIAM          COXSWAIN      9OCT61
BRANTLEY        H.A.             COXSWAIN      15OCT61
BROWN           WILLIAM C        SEAMAN        20OCT61
BUFORD          J.N.C.                         
BUTLER          E.A.                           8NOV61
CALAHAN         CHARLES          SEAMAN        13OCT61
CALAHAN         THOMAS           SEAMAN        13OCT61
CANNON          L.S.             SEAMAN        
CASTILLO        JAMES            PILOT         9OCT61
COMPORET        JOHN B           SEAMAN        13OCT61
CONDELLARY      WILLIAM          SEAMAN        
COX             JAMES            SEAMAN        10OCT61
CURRY           JOSEPH           SEAMAN        14OCT61
DAVIS           A.P.             SEAMAN        
DAVIS           GENIS                          10OCT61
DAVIS           GEORGE A         SEAMAN        
DAVIS           JOHN             SEAMAN        
DAVIS           LEVI             SEAMAN        16OCT61
DAY             THOMAS W                       
DUDLEY          JAMES            SEAMAN        20OCT61
DUDLEY          MILTON                         OCT61
ELLIS           NICHOLAS A.      SEAMAN        13OCT61
ELLIS           WILLIAM R. L.                  11NOV61
FAIRCLOTH       ALLEN D.         SEAMAN        9OCT61
FAIRCLOTH       JOHN             SEAMAN        9OCT61
FAIRCLOTH       RICHARD          SEAMAN        
FERGUSON        GEORGE W.        SEAMAN        9OCT61
FRANKLIN        JOSEPH                         
FUQUAY          CORNELIUS                      11NOV61
FUQUAL          G.W.                           
FREET           NICHOLAS         GUNNER        
GHANO           ABRAM                          18OCT61
HALL            H.P.                           
HALL            OSCAR C                        6NOV61
HAMLIN          GEORGE W         CARPENTER     21OCT61
HANCE           JOHN                           9OCT61
HAROS           SAM                            13OCT61
HENDERSON       JAMES M          SEAMAN        10OCT61
HOUSE           JOHN             SEAMAN        
HUGHES          HENRY            SEAMAN        14OCT61
HUTCHINSON      JOHN L.T.        SEAMAN        15OCT61
KENNEDY         D.M.             COXSWAIN      
KINLOCK         JAMES S                        15OCT61
LANGSTON        JESSE                          10OCT61
LAVCO           JOHN                           
LAVILL          PATRICK T                      13OCT61
LEE             E                              9OCT61
LEE             W.C.H.           BOATSWAIN'S   9OCT61
MCKINNON        JOHN                           
MCLAIN          JOHN C                         9OCT61
MCLAREN         JOHN M           COXSWAIN      
MARIANO         JOSEPH                         
MILLER          FRANK                          13OCT61
MINHARD         ANDREW                         15OCT61
MOORE           LEWIS C                        13OCT61
NEIL            J.Q.             SEAMAN        
NICHOLAS        FRED                           10OCT61
NORTON          WILLIAM                        15OCT61
PARKINSON       WILLIAM                        10OCT61
PERKINS         JOHN H                         
PONSE           ANTHONY          SEAMAN        
POWELL          WILLIAM                        20OCT61
PRESTON         THOMAS                         13OCT61
PUREFY          THOMAS                         10OCT61
RAWLINS         J.T.                           
REMINGTON       A.H.             SEAMAN        
ROATH           C.D.             SEAMAN        
ROMANO          EMANUEL          SEAMAN        10OCT61
SEELEY          JESSE                          
SEELEY          WILLIAM                        20OCT61
SEIVER          WILLIAM                        
SHINKS          T.H.                           10OCT61
SHIPKE          JOHN             SEAMAN        
SHULER          DAVID R                        20OCT61
SILVA           EMANUEL          SEAMAN        10OCT61
SMITH           PATRICK                        20OCT61
STEWART         CLARENCE                       
SWEAT           JAMES G          SEAMAN        18OCT61
THOMAS          JOHN C           SEAMAN        20OCT61
WARD            HARVEY                         13OCT61
WEST            G.O.             COXSWAIN      9OCT61
WEST            ISAAC            SEAMAN        9OCT61
WHITAKER        WILLIAM S        SERGEANT      20OCT61
                                 OF MARINES    
WHITAKER        W.W.                           23OCT61
WOOD            WILLIAM F        SEAMAN        20OCT61
WRIGHT          ROBERT           SEAMAN        9OCT61
WARNER          WILLIAM         

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