Florida Volunteer Coast Guards
Cpt Henry Mulrehan

This Company was organized and called into the State of Florida by Special Order No. 2, issued from the Adjutant General's office, Tallahassee, November 27, 1861. They were mustered by Henry Mulrenan, Captain commanding, no station or term of service is stated

LAST NAME         FIRST NAME        RNK     
MULRENAN          HENRY             CN
MALONEY           WALTER C          1L
SMITH             ROBERT B.         2L
ASHLEY            SAMUEL B.         3L
ALBERRY           BENJAMIN          SEAMAN
ALLISON           JOHN              MATE
ANDERSON          CHARLES           SEAMAN
BAKER             JOHN              SEAMAN
BARNETT           JAMES             SEAMAN
BERRY             CHARLES H         MATE
BETHEL            JOHN              COXSWAIN
BUCKLEY           TIMOTHY           MATE
BURNS             THOMAS            SEAMAN
BUTLER            THOMAS            SEAMAN
CHAPMAN           CHARLES           SEAMAN
COLE              CHARLES I         COXSWAIN
COLLINS           JAMES C           SEAMAN
COMBS             CHARLES           SEAMAN
CRUSOE            PETER             SEAMAN
DIAR              FRANCISCO         SEAMAN
DORSEY            EDWARD            SEAMAN
EDWARD            GEORGE W          SEAMAN
FAGAN             JOSEPH            SEAMAN
FELIZ             ROUPLINA          SEAMAN
FELKROB           ORDROF            SEAMAN
FRANKLIN          WILLIAM           SEAMAN
JOSSLYN           WILLIAM A         SEAMAN
LOVETT            JAMES             SEAMAN
LOW               ALFRED            SEAMAN
MARTIN            ANTONIO           SEAMAN
MASON             JOHN              SEAMAN
MILLER            CHARLES           SEAMAN
MILLER            MOODY             SEAMAN
MORGAN            SAMUEL            COXSWAIN
MORRISON          JOHN B            SEAMAN
MOSS              JOSEPHUS          SEAMAN
OLIVERA           MARQUIS           SEAMAN
RICHARDS          GEORGE            SEAMAN
ROGERS            JULIUS D          SEAMAN
RUSSELL           JOHN              SEAMAN
SANDS             JOHN B            SEAMAN
SAWYER            WILLIAM           SEAMAN
SHERBERT          JULION            COXSWAIN
SIMPSON           JOHNSTON          SEAMAN
SMITH             GEORGE W          SEAMAN
SULLIVAN          JAMES             SEAMAN
SWAIN             BYAMAN C          SEAMAN
TOLBERT           JAMES W           SEAMAN
WATSON            ROBERT            MATE
WILLIAMS          PETER             SEAMAN

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