5th Infantry Regiment




Field & Staff

The 5th Florida Regiment was organized in 1862, and mustered into service with J.C. Hately as Colonel; Thompson B. Lamar as Lieutenant-Colonel; B.F. Davis as Major; Capt. W.H. Baker as Quartermaster; and Capt. R. W. Reed as Commissary. The companies were commanded by Captains A.Z. Bailey (Co A) Garrant Vanzant (Co B), W.D. Bloxham (Co C), A.J. Lee (Co D), John W. Hollyman (Co E), John Frink (Co F), W.J. Bailey (Co G), W.T. Gregory (Co H), Sam A. Spencer ( Co I ), and Richmund N. Gardner (Co K). Immediately upon its organization the Regiment was ordered to Virginia, where it joined the 2nd Florida, being assigned to Pryor's Brigade; with which it took part in the Second Battle of Manassas and in the Maryland campaign and won distinction at Sharpsburg. After the return from Maryland the 5th was brigaded with the other Florida regiments and became part of Perry's immortal brigade, surrendering at Appomattox Court House with but 6 officers and 47 men, the only representatives left for duty at that time of a magnificent regiment.

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Source of rosters and background of units:  Soldiers of Florida in the Seminole Indian-Civil and Spanish-American Wars.  Fred L. Robertson, Compiler.  Prepared and published under the supervision of the Board of State Institutions, As authorized by Chapter 2203 Laws of Florida, approved May 14, 1903.