7th Infantry Regiment




Field & Staff

The 7th Regiment was mustered into service at Gainesville, Florida, in April 1862, with ex-Governor Madison S. Perry as Colonel; Robert Bullock as Lieutenant Colonel, and Tillman Ingram as Major. The companies were commanded by Captains Roland Thomas (Roland Thomas resigned immediately and was succeeded by Henry T. York), Co. A; James Gettes, Co. B; Philip B. H. Dudley, Co. C; Simeon Vanlandingham, Co. D; Nathan S. Blount, Co. E; William W. Sloan, Co. F; S. D. McConnell, Co. G; Wade H. Eichelberger, Co. H; A. S. Moseley, Co. I; R. B. Smith, Co. K. The companies forming this Regiment had been on duty at various points in Florida for several months prior to their consolidation as the 7th Regiment, notably at Tampa and New Smyrna, where they did excellent service. Soon after being mustered in they were ordered to Tennessee to join Bragg's Army, with which it took part in all the campaigns of the Army of Tennessee and surrendered but a handful of men with Johnston at the close of the war.

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Source of rosters and background of units:  Soldiers of Florida in the Seminole Indian-Civil and Spanish-American Wars.  Fred L. Robertson, Compiler.  Prepared and published under the supervision of the Board of State Institutions, As authorized by Chapter 2203 Laws of Florida, approved May 14, 1903.