Dixie Blues

CAPTAIN R.M. SCARBOROUGH The Dixie Blues were mustered into the State's service in 1861. there is nothing to show how long they served or where their services were rendered. It is evident that the duration of service was not very long, because members of this Company were found enrolled in regiments formed early in 1862.

SCARBOROUGH     R.M.             CN                          
ROGERS          JOHN             1L                          
ROGERS          CORNELIUS        2L                          
ATKINSON        R.J.             P                           
BAGGET          J.W.             P                           
BARR            JAMES A.         P                           
BORVEN          JAMES            P                           
BRYANT          GEORGE W         P                         
BRYANT          JAMES            P                           
BUTLER          M.G.             P                           
CAMPBELL        M.M.             P                           
CLARK           WILLIAM          P                           
COLLINS         BENJAMIN         P                           
COONROD         P.T.             P                           
EDENFIELD       C.W.             P                           
EDENFIELD       ELIAS J.         P                          
EDGERTON        WILLIAM C.       P                           
EDWARDS         HILL             P                           
EVANS           JULIUS           P                           
EVERITT         HENRY            P                          
FARR            TITUS            P                           
FAIRCLOTH       M                P                           
FLETCHER        JOSEPH C.        P                          
GARNER          R                P                           
GLENN           O.S.             P                           
GOODSON         J                P                           
GOODSON         L                P                           
GOODSON         M                P                           
GRICE           H                P                           
HAWKINS         J.J.             P                           
HITCHER         JOSEPH           P                           
JOHNSON         NEIL             P                           
JUNKINS         J                P                           
KEEN            THOMAS           P                           
KEEN            WL.R.            P                           
KENEDY          J.T.H.           P                           
KIRKLAND        S.H.             P                           
KIRKLAND        W.J.             P                           
MCALILES        SAMUEL           P                          
MCCOY           JOHN             P                           
MCDONALD        DANIEL           P                          
MCDONALD        JAMES            P                          
MCDOUGALD       J.H.             P                           
MCJUNKIN        J                P                           
MCMILLAN        ARCHIBALD        P                           
MCPHAUL         ARCHIE           P                           
MCPHAUL         C,C,             P                           
MCPHAUL         HAMILTON         P                           
MCPHAUL         JOHN             P                           
MCVICKER        ALEXANDER        P                           
MILLER          JAMES M          P                          
MORGAN          P.A.             P                           
MORGAN          W.W.             P                          
NIXON           JAMES J.         P                          
PADGETT         J.W.             P                           
RICHARDS        JOHN             P                           
RICHARDS        W.N.             P                           
ROWAN           JAMES            P                           
SADLER          JAMES            P                           
SADLER          JOHN             P                           
SANDERS         JOHN D           P                           
SEALEY          J                P                           
SHEPARD         W.H.             P                           
SILAS           JOHN             P                           
SIMPSON         JOHN             P                           
SMITH           JAMES            P                           
SPEAR           THOMAS B         P                           
STRANGE         B.F.             P                           
STRANGE         SAMUEL           P                           
STRANGE         WIGGINS          P                           
SUBER           L.P.             P                           
THOMAS          P.F.M.           P                          
TOLER           B.S.             P                           
TOLER           J.W.             P                           
TOMBERLIN       JAMES            P                           
TOMBERLIN       J.W.             P                           
VANLANDINGHAM   JOHN             P                          
WATFORD         M.               P    

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