Poe's Company, Florida Reserves

Joseph Crute's compilation of the Confederate Army contains no history for this unit.


First Name Last Name
Irwin Allen
W.L. Allen
William Bevis
William Bevis
Jas. Bowers
W. Brooks
Henry Brown
W. Bryant
F. Burget
W.G. Clark
J.W. Coppidge
Jos. R. Cox
J.A. Farley
W.N. Farley
D.E. Fulgan
J.J. Gray
Hansie Grich
W.M. Harrell
Rich. Hawkins
Lewis Hyatt
F. Jarman
J.M. Jufinger
Jas. Kooner
R.A. Marshal
Jno. F. Mayo
D. K. McDonald
J. T. McLarin
A. P. McLeod
R. Miligan
E.P. Moore
Alfred Nichols
James Nichols
A. Padgett
Jno. Peacock
Wilson W. Poe
Wilson W. Poe
D. Roberts
Jno. Rogers
Isaac Scott
A. Sillers
R.E. Smith
Jos. Windfield

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