Confederate Navy of Florida

A steamer named the Spray was fitted up as a war vessel and did very efficient service along the Gulf coast.  On May 10, 1861, the Spray attacked the United States scooner William C. Atwate, manned with 31 men, off Cedar Keys.  The Atwater was taken into Appalachicola and converted into a blockade runner.  It was captured in January, 1862, by the United States steamer Itasca.  In June, 1861, the privateer "Jefferson Davis", a small brig with letters of marque from the Confederate Government, sailed out of Charleston harbor under command of Capt. L. M. Coxetter.  The crew of this vessel was composed largely of Floridians; among them William Baya, afterward Lieutenant Colonel of the 8th Florida Regiment, was Lieutenant of Marines.  In a cruise of three months on the Atlantic coast this vessel captured eleven prized.  Being chased by United States war vessel in August she attempted to run into St. Augustine but was wrecked on the bar.

On June 25, 1861, a levy of 20 men from the companies of Captains Williams and More, afterward Cos. B & C from the 2nd Regiment, then stationed at Cedar Keys, went in the steamer Madison on which a six-pounder was mounted and recaptured four scooners, which had been taken by the United States steamer Massachusetts, a few days before, and sent them, with Lieutenant Seldon, U. S. N., and 19 marines, the prize crew, into Cedar Keys.

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