Alexander Welch Reynolds

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Alexander Welch Reynolds was born in Clarke County, Virginia, in April 1816. He was graduated from West Point in 1838, saw some action against the Seminoles, and did a tour of garrison duty. In 1847 he was transferred to the quartermaster department. Eight years later he was dismissed from the service for failure to explain alleged discrepancies in his accounts. He was restored in 1858, and continued in service until he was dropped, October 4, 1861, for having "absented himself from duty." Meantime he had been appointed a captain in the Regular Confederate service as early as March of that year, and on July 10, 1861 was commissioned colonel of the 50th Virginia Infantry. He served with John B. Floyd in Western Virginia in 1861-62, with Kirby Smith at Knoxville, and in 1863, was captured and paroled (and later exchanged) at Vicksburg. He was promoted brigadier general from September 14, 1863. He took part in the battle of Chattanooga, and his brigade was in Carter L. Stevenson's division of Hardee's corps during the Atlanta campaign. He sustained a wound at New Hope Church. In the last months of the war he was in North Alabama and Middle Tennessee. In 1869 he entered the service of the Khedive of Egypt in company with a group of ex-Union and Confederate officers, with rank of colonel, and served in various staff capacities under General W. W. Loring. He died in Alexandria, Egypt, on May 26, 1876. The consular section archives, U. S. State Department, record Reynolds' interment in Alexandria and contain a list of funeral and burial expenses. Correspondence with the U. S. Consulate and the Egyptian Government, however, has failed to pinpoint the grave. There is a stone to his memory in the cemetery of Saint James the Less, in Philadelphia, his wife's home.

Ref: Generals in Gray, Lives of the Confederate Commanders by Ezra J. Warner.  Printed by Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge and London.

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