Benjamin Grubb Humphreys

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Benjamin Grubb Humphreys was born in Claiborne County, Mississippi (then Mississippi Territory), on either August 24 or 26, 1808. He was one of sixteen children. After attending school at Russellville, Kentucky, and Morristown, New Jersey, he entered West Point in 1825, but was dismissed from the academy following a cadet riot on Christmas Eve, 1826. Returning to Mississippi, he studied law, engaged in planting, and served in both houses of the legislature. A Whig opponent of secession, Humphreys nevertheless raised a company for Confederate service and was commissioned captain in the 21st Mississippi Infantry in May 1861; he was promoted colonel in November. He led his regiment through the battles of the Army of Northern Virginia until Gettysburg, when, after the death of his brigade commander, General William Barksdale, he was promoted brigadier general to rank from August 12, 1863. His brigade accompanied Longstreet to Georgia and Tennessee, and was under Early in the Shenandoah Valley in 1864, where he was wounded at Berryville in September. General Humphreys was the first elected governor of Mississippi after the war. He was inaugurated on October 16, 1865, after receiving a pardon from President Johnson. He was ejected from office on June 15, 1868, when the President's Reconstruction plan collapsed under fire from the Radicals in Congress. Thereafter he was for a time an insurance agent at Jackson and Vicksburg. He died on his plantation in Leflore County, Mississippi, December 20, 1882, and is buried in Port Gibson.

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