Carter Littlepage Stevenson

Major General

Headstone: Find-a-Grave

Reference: Alabama Department of Archives & History. Custodian of the original pictures. Confederate Officers photo album.

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Carter Littlepage Stevenson was born near Fredericksburg, Virginia, September 21,  1817. He was graduated from West Point in 1838, and served on the frontier and in the Mexican War with the 5th Infantry. Because of an oversight by his commanding officer in forwarding his resignation, he was dismissed from the United States Army on June 25, 1861, "it having been ascertained, to the satisfaction of the War Department, that he had entertained and expressed treasonable designs against the Government of the United States." He entered Confederate service as major of infantry in the Regular Army and colonel of the 53rd Virginia. Upon the recommendation of General Beauregard he was promoted brigadier general from February 27, 1862 and ordered to the West. He commanded the force which compelled the withdrawal of the Federal General Morgan from Cumberland Gap. He served with General Kirby Smith in the Kentucky campaign, and was promoted major general from October 10, 1862. Active in the Vicksburg campaign in command of a division in Pemberton's army, he was captured at the termination of the siege, paroled, and later exchanged. General Stevenson was then present at every battle of the Army of Tennessee from Chattanooga to Bentonville, with the exception of Franklin. Here, Stevenson's division and that of General H. D. Clayton were left on the south side of Duck River to demonstrate against Schofield while Hood executed his flank march with the rest of the army. Paroled at Greensboro, North Carolina, May 1, 1865, he was a civil and mining engineer until his death in Caroline County, Virginia, August 15, 1888. He is buried in Fredericksburg.

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