Clement Anselm Evans

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Clement Anselm Evans, a native of Stewart County, Georgia, was born February 25, 1833, and was educated in the schools of Lumpkin, Georgia, and at an Atlanta law school. He was licensed to practice before he was nineteen. A judge at twenty-two, he was state senator in 1859 and a Presidential Elector the following year. Enlisting in the 31st Georgia Infantry, he was commissioned major in November 1861, and colonel in April 1862. Virtually all of his service was with the Army of Northern Virginia in the division successively commanded by Generals Stonewall Jackson, Early, and John B. Gordon. Evans was present in every engagement from the Peninsular campaign onward, and while in divisional command at Appomattox, made the last captures of the army. His appointment as brigadier general was dated May 19, 1864. He was wounded five times during the war. Afterwards he engaged in a number of business ventures, and entered the Methodist Episcopal ministry. In 1892 he retired and devoted the remainder of his life to writing and to the affairs of the United Confederate Veterans, of which he had lately been commander-in-chief at the time of his death in Atlanta, July 2, 1911. His most notable historical contribution was made as editor of the twelve-volume Confederate Military History, published in 1899. General Evans is buried in Atlanta.

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