Daniel Smith Donelson

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Daniel Smith Donelson was born in Sumner County, Tennessee, on June 23, 1801, and was graduated from the Military Academy in the class of 1825, resigning the following year. Subsequently a planter in Sumner County, he was active in the militia, and served in the Tennessee house of representatives, being speaker of that body at the beginning of the Civil War. First commissioned brigadier general of state troops, he received the same appointment in the Confederate Army on July 9, 1861 and was assigned to command in Western Virginia under General W. W. Loring. After service in Charleston, South Carolina, he was ordered to join General Bragg at Tupelo, Mississippi, and commanded a brigade of Cheatham's division at Murfreesboro. In January 1863 he was given command of the Department of East Tennessee. Promoted major general on April 22, 1863, and confirmed the same day, to rank from January 17, 1863, General Donelson had meantime died on April 17 at Montvale Springs, Tennessee a fact apparently unknown to the War Department at the time. In announcing his death, General Bragg referred to him as "Brigadier General." He was a nephew of Andrew Jackson, and a brother of the latter's private secretary and namesake, Andrew Jackson Donelson, who adhered to the Union cause during the war. General Donelson is buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery at Hendersonville, Tennessee.

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